3 Tips for Hot-Weather Dressing

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When the temperature hits triple digits and the humidity is extreme, keeping your cool is no easy task. Our stylists are often asked how to handle a heat wave in style, and here are our three top tips.

1. Lighten Up
From a fabric perspective, less is more when the sun is blazing. Opt for shorter skirts and dresses, sleeveless tops—or whatever “lighter” versions you feel comfortable in. (Don’t forget your sunscreen!) Another thing to keep in mind: light colors reflect light and heat, so they’ll keep you cooler than darker colors.

2. Breathe
You’ll be most comfortable in cotton, linen, and rayon during the dog days of summer, thanks to their ability to absorb moisture and let air in. Seersucker, chambray, eyelet, and jersey are warm-weather winners. In skyrocketing heat, take a pass on polyester (not known for its breathability) and silk (prone to sweat stains).

Choosing the right fabrics is key. Stay cool and comfortable with our guide to the most breathable summer fabrics.

3. Take It Easy
Clingy clothing is no friend to sticky skin. Avoid body-conscious pieces in hot weather to keep sweat marks away—and allow much-needed ventilation in. Draped tops, relaxed shorts, A-line skirts, and billowy palazzo pants will do the trick!

Look 1:
Jorja Fit and Flare Dress
Kahlo Geo Bangles
Uma Bead Long Necklace

Look 2:
Tucker Split-Back Tank
Jet Drawstring Linen Short
Joyce Sunburst Pendant Necklace

Look 3:
Chase Swing Skirt
Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top

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  1. Not really a fan of jersey or cowl necks in the hot Arizona sun, but linen shorts? Yes, please! In fact pants and long sleeves are sometimes even better than their shorter counterparts if in light colors and breathable fabrics. It helps to keep the sun off the skin! Skirts are awesome if they are flowy, but I learned a long time ago that short, tight minis are a recipe for swampy inner thighs when you’re trying to enjoy a cool drink on a barstool. Sexy.

  2. None of them! Not my style– Classic or snappy. Don’t consider those outfits either. If my stylist sends me those, they will go back immediately.

  3. I got the Tucker tank today and it’s a nightmare: way too short and way too tight in the shoulders. It’s also rayon which I wouldn’t exactly consider a breathable hot weather fabric.

  4. Love the second look. The shorts look comfortable and the top is super cute. Hope to see it in a fix soon.

  5. I love all 3 looks. Love the cut of the first dress the most, supper cute. I have the skirt and green top in style #3 but have never wore them both together, I will now! Being over 50 I don’t wear short, shorts….. if the shorts in style #2 were longer…I would wear it too.

  6. Really love look #2….except for the linen factor…hate to iron :(

    #1 NOT my style and 3 would look terrible on me

  7. I have the dress and love it! I would have never chosen it for myself. The fit is very flattering. Must try things on before you say you don’t like them. Stitch Fix has taught me this! I have liked several items once I got them on that I would not have selected on my own. Love my stylists!

  8. Like look 1 minus the necklace and look 2. Look 3 is too loud…print skirt and quitter color or loud color with smaller or no print would be nice for me

  9. I love these looks as it will be really hot in a couple of months. I live in Florida and the humidity and heat can really kill you. I am short 4’11” and need petite but I am an older person and do have a bit of a mid section. My sizes range between 6 and 8.

  10. Like the shorts and top. Not a fan of #3. Like the style of the dress – I’m just not a “blue” person.

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