5 Party Purse Must Haves

Keep your purse stocked with these five go-to items to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best this holiday season!

party clutch

Our Party Purse Essentials

Mini Mirror
Great for quick touch ups, a mini mirror allows you to make sure you’re looking great while you’re on the go!

Tide Stick
We recommend carrying a stain stick in both your party bag as well as your everyday bag. You’ll be well prepared to quickly take care of any spills that might happen and make sure you extend the life of your favorite pieces.

Lip Balm
Combat the drying winter weather by keeping your favorite lip balm handy! A stick of lip balm also does double duty as an eyebrow gel. Simply slick a little onto your brows to help them keep their shape throughout the night!

Powder & Blush
Keep your cheeks rosy and shine to a minimum with these two essentials. You’ll be fresh faced and camera-ready til the party ends!

Lightweight Scarf
A scarf is a quick and easy way to add a touch of refinement and warmth to any outfit. Choose a scarf that is light enough to be tucked into your purse or tied around the handle of your clutch as an added accessory.

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