Ask A Stylist – How Do I Hide a Muffin Top?

Ask A Stylist

Loose, flowing tops are not only comfortable but also a great way to camouflage a tummy! Make sure to balance your proportions by wearing a fitted bottom like pencil leg pants or skinny jeans. Dolman-style sweaters and empire-waist tops are also forgiving options to wear without sacrificing style. Add a statement necklace to dress up a casual look. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try a peplum top to define your waist and hide your tummy at the same time.

Layering is another great way to conceal the midsection. Try pairing a structured blazer or oversized cardigan with a printed tee.

When it comes to denim, forget low-rise jeans! Mid- or high-rise jeans are your best bet! Opt for a pair that sits at or above your belly button for more coverage and a smoother silhouette.

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  1. Good points I SO NEED tips on this topic. What jeans do you recommend that are high waisted but still cute? I haven’t been able to find any really…and so all of my jeans are accentuating the issue in my midsection by cutting in in half or sitting just below it. THANKS!

  2. Hi Rachel! We’ve got a great post on this exact topic: perfect high-rise and mid-rise jeans coming up shortly featuring denim choices and styling options! Please check back soon! XOXO

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