Ask A Stylist: How Do I Pair Necklaces and Necklines?

Addie Ask Stylist

Hi Helen! What a great question! Your necklace should mimic the neckline of your top. For instance if you wear a scoop neck then a shorter necklace will be more flattering and give the look an open feeling. The best part about fashion is being able to experiment with a variety of styles and looks–that’s what accessories are for! Don’t be afraid to break out of the fashion do’s and dont’s to find what look best on you.

Necklaces and Necklines

The Collar

Most keep this look simple, but you don’t have too! Dress your collar up with a statement piece to add interest and intrigue to this traditional neckline. Allow your necklace to poke through an unbuttoned collar or rest on top when fully buttoned.

The Turtleneck

Select a long necklace in a statement or classic style. You want to balance the weight and drape of the neckline by selecting a piece that will lengthen your frame. If you wear a fitted, lightweight turtleneck, a short necklace can also be appropriate in a statement style.

The Halter

Most halter styles make a statement on their own so you won’t to add any more accessories to this neckline. We recommend leaving your neck bare and accessorizing elsewhere with bracelets and/or earrings. If yours is a halter style that shows off your bare neck or collar bone, stick to a classic piece and let your top say the rest.

The V-neck

Choose a necklace that follows the inside of the neckline. A longer necklace will draw your eye down and away from your face and a shorter classic or statement necklace will draw the eye upwards. A plain white tee or blouse looks modern and effortless when paired with a fun statement or classic necklace.

The Strapless

When selecting a necklace for this top, think about a shape that will fill the space between your top and collarbone. A chunky, short necklace will work beautifully to complement this neckline style.

The Crew

Choose a short or long statement or classic style necklace. Crews can tend to be a little more difficult to pair short statement pieces if the neckline does not evenly contour with the necklace. Have fun playing around to see what style works best for you!

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  2. Hi, I know this has nothing to do with the post, but where is that awesome cowl/turtleneck from (with the houndstooth print)?
    Soooo cute!

  3. It would be better to show the pairings with the collar. Like the long necklace with that awesome cowl neck houndstooth print (Julie, I totally agreewith you). Do you wear it outside the neck or inside and let it dangle through the cowl? I have done both but to see it rather than describe it would be better for the blog. Thanks!

  4. Hi Addie, thanks for the advice! It’s always hard to decide what neck jewels look good with what neckline! What do you recommend for bridesmaids wearing mostly sweetheart necklines? The dress are from blush pink to deep corals.

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  6. I am in love with the cowlneck turtle neck…..I haven’t read where it is from….I would like to know too!

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