Ask A Stylist: How can I figure out what colors are good for me?

Choosing colors that complement your skin tone will help you navigate the wide sea of color options to find the perfect pieces just for you.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

Start by looking at the undertones of your nail bed and pay attention to whether they appear to be warmer or cooler.

If your nail bed has yellow-gold or peach tones then you fall into the warm skin tone category. If your nail bed has red, pink or blue hues then you fall into the cool skin tone category.

Finding Your Colors

If you have a cool skin tone

With red, pink or blue undertones in your skin, you will look great in colors that complement these hues! Choose pieces in blue, teal, lilac, lavender, rose, and white.

Skin Tone Post cool
Top: Teresa Colorblocked Sleeveless Blouse ($58)
Pant: Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean ($88)
Earring: Jemison Open Shape Earrings ($28)
Shoe: Stella Flat Sandal ($20)

If you have a warm skin tone

If you have gold and yellow undertones in your skin, go for colors such as camel, orange, gold, scarlet red and ochre to enhance your complexion.

Skin Tone Post warm
Top: Filbert Houndstooth Blouse ($58)
Pant: Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean ($88)
Necklace: Mumford Beaded Necklace ($44)
Shoe: Ancient Greek Sandal, Clio ($185)

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  1. Me? I’m “cool”. :) I learned a few years ago that I’m in the “spring” color palette and that has made shopping so much easier! Love that.

  2. What do I do if I am actually in the warm category but my favorite colors are sapphire blue & emerald green? I don’t own anything that is red! Lol

    • I’m in the warm category, and wear a lot of blues and greens – you just have to choose colors that have warm, or yellow undertones. Even red can be cool in tone if it has more blue than yellow in it. There some reds that look awful on me purely because they are cool! Hope this makes sense :)

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  4. I think I’m a little of both? I look nice in lavender, but awful in blue, nice in peach, but awful in red…I’m like a swing state – neither red nor blue…

  5. Haa wow this is a bit literal… For anyone that’s confused or thinks they’re “both” look up Color Me Beautiful seasons… not exactly accurate that “cool” skin tones look good in only greens/blues and warm skin tones look good in reds/yellows. It’s about the undertones of the colors. Most people can wear almost any “color,” it just has to be the right SHADE of the color. It depends on the undertones. Eg. Winters (cool) look good in ruby red; Summers (cool) in cranberry or raspberry shades with a bit more pink; Autumns (warm) in tomato reds (with some orange) and Springs (warm) do well with watermelon or bright, coral-y reds.

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