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  1. LOVE the pattern, style and colors for the Bateman Top $48 that you posted on Instagram today! :)

    • Hi Hollis! We don’t have a timeline yet as we are focused on building a strong US foundation. We’ll let you know when we make Canada available for Fixes! XOXO

  2. Trying to pin your blog post, scarf tying 101, but a window pops up saying that Pinterest is having trouble talking to your blog.

    • Hi Kathy! We style 00/XS! Let us know that you are a petite and any other fit details in your Style Profile! XOXO

  3. Do you guys have an 800 number or a phone number at all? I need to TALK to somebody, not wait 72 hours for an email response. My fix didn’t arrive as scheduled, I can’t find the email with shipping/tracking info and I’m kind of concerned. Is there anyone there who can help?

    • Hi Abby!! Sorry to hear that your Fix has not arrived—it should be arriving today! Email is always the best way to get ahold of our team. Hope this helps!! XOXO

    • I’m having the same problem as Abby – I’ve sent two emails with no response! My Fix was supposed to arrive two days ago, and there has been no sign of it. Having a phone number or a live chat would be helpful in these circumstances!

  4. Hi Stitch Fix! This is maybe a strange question but when I got my first fix, my boyfriend thought the whole thing was pretty neat. I’ve been searching and searching for a men’s online styling service similar to yours because, like me, he only wants to pay for what he wants. The services I have found seem to all have pretty pricy, HIGH end items. We’re just regular Joes that like to be stylish! lol

    Can you recommend a site for men, or (fingers crossed) tell me you’ll be starting a men’s branch soon??

  5. Hi! I’m so inspired by SF! When do you plan on sizes 1X -2X?
    I can’t wait! This is a dream come true, for me! It’s hard for me to shop, I work @ home…24/7 days a week…and can’t get away much!
    Would you please tell me when to get excited about getting my own SF!
    Thank You,

  6. This looks like an awesome service, great clothing and styling. I can’t wait until you start carrying plus-sizes!!! Please say you will soon!

    • Hi Sue! We did a partnership with awhile back with ThredUp, so if you got the bag in your Fix, you can still send that in. XOXO

  7. 72 hours is way too long to respond to an email. Even 24 hours seems like a long time but that would be reasonable. Staff up Stitch Fix.

    • Hi Courtney! We’re actively working on improving our response time. Thanks for your support while we grow! XOXO

  8. According to the USPS my fix was delivered Jan 30, however I didn’t receive the package. In looking over the shipping information I see only the first letter of street name is showing instead of the entire name! How the USPS delivered to a non-existent address is beyond me, in the meantime I don’t have my package! Anyway to track down my package and get it delivered to me ASAP?

  9. My fix got delivered to the wrong city and after almost four days and four emails sent with no response I feel pretty disappointed. Is there really no customer service number for issues like this? I don’t want to be charged but it looks like that just might happen. Please work on your customer service. I really wanted to love Stitch Fix but this has been more stressful than I’d like.

    • Hi Cassy! So sorry about your delay in response, our team is working around the clock to get through an inundation of tickets that came through during the holiday weekend. You should be hearing back shortly, thank you for your patience!! XOXO

  10. Looking at the shipping tracking, it appears my packaged was shipped to the wrong zip code. I have been trying to send messages for the past few days via the help desk email and have not received any response. Today would be the last day I could resend my items and I still have not received any response. I would hate to be charged for items I never receive sent to the wrong place. Please help

  11. Cherrie, I have a somewhat similar problem, mine showed as delivered as yet when I looked at the shipping information my address was missing the street!! I did email custormer service and they responded. Good luck.

  12. I have emailed and followed up a couple times over the last three days with no response. My stitch fix was supposed to arrive and never did and the shipping number still says initiated. I don’t want to be charged or lose my $20 for a package I never receive.

  13. Hello, I emailed Tuesday night regarding a different size be shipped for an item i LOVE but was cut VERY small. Have not heard back, and do not see a phone number I can call. Can someone reach out to me? Thank you =)

    • Hi Mary! Our team is diligently working through a huge influx of emails so you should be hearing back shortly!! XOXO

  14. I was supposed to get my fix yesterday and it didn’t arrive. when I log into my account it shows items to be checked out. I sent an email, but I do not want to be charged for these items that I never received. Please let me know what is going on!

  15. I need to speak to a person. My fix didn’t arrive because the shipping address was incorrect even though the address I provided on my account is correct. I sent an email 3 days ago and still no reply. Is there a number I can call? This is not an acceptable way to run a business…

  16. My fix shipped nearly 3 weeks ago and I have not received it. I sent 3 emails and assumed I’d hear back in 72 hours. It’s been 6 days and I’ve heard nothing. There is no phone number on your site. I’m really disappointed in your customer service. I wanted to LOVE StitchFix but I’m struggling…

  17. Mine still hasn’t arrived and I’ve contacted customer service, they had the wrong address for me and showed it as delivered. I still don’t have the box. If my credit card gets charge I’ll file a dispute with my credit card company.

  18. Same thing for me. Never received my box. Pretty sure it must have been stolen, no response from CS. A phone number would be helpful. Feeling stressed out about being charged (not to mention not getting my cute clothes).

  19. I sent an email today to hello@stitchfix and haven’t received reply yet
    Originally when I placed my order said it was going to ship week of 3/17. I’m out of town starting tomorrow through Tuesday so was relying on it delivery 3/17 or later. If this order shows up this weekend I will not have the time to try on the pieces and return within the 3 day allotment. Please advise on what can we done to remedy this so I don’t get stuck with all 5 pieces if some do not fit, etc. I understand you want to meet the week of delivery date but it showing up early with the 3 day return limit doesn’t make sense….

  20. Feeling pretty disappointed there is no physical number I can call to sort out an issue that I am having, after already emailed the For some reason the new address where I am currently living did not save when I scheduled my next fix.
    So it is shipping to the wrong address, tried to change it via the fed ex website and the tracking number is incorrect.
    I moved to another state so if this ships there, never again will I order from Stitch Fix.

  21. Does your 72 hour email response time include weekends? It’s also an odd business practice not to have a phone number that allows customers to speak to someone immediately. I have a problem with my very first box. My price ranges were ignored so that I got sent items that were more expensive than what I specified in my profile. My style requests were also ignored so that I got sent items that were exactly the opposite of what I requested (extremely loose, shapeless and flowy versus “fitted” which I chose in my profile). Yet I’m still charged a $20 “personal” styling fee. That’s not right considering my personal requests were ignored and the styling wasn’t targeted to my personal style and requests as advertised.

  22. I love the idea, but NO ONE looks at the profile requests. I’ve sent emails, added my comments to the summary after my Fix arrives, changed my preferences several times…I still get primarily polyester (spec ask to avoid) basic pieces. I’m a 47 yr old professional, I’ve got basics, I want something fun that I wouldn’t normally pick out. I was hoping today to find a real person to talk to since it doesn’t seem like anyone reads what I write. I’ll hope someone responds to my next email or I’ll have to try another service. :(

  23. It would be helpful if you had a live chat or phone number to received customer service more quickly than 72 hours. In the world of computers and instant feedback that is a long time. Love your stuff!

  24. I am very frustrated that you don’t have a phone number. I have been going back and forth through email with a customer service rep over a credit for my account. Each time I email her, it takes her 48 hours to respond back. The issue could be taken care of in five minutes with a phone call. Through email, it has dragged on for almost 2 weeks.

  25. Shipping issue as well. Haven’t recd the box. A phone number would be great rather than waiting 72 hours…. Will have to cancel my stitch fix if I don’t hear back

  26. I’m having issues trying to update my style profile. Once I login to my account I’m not able to type anything & I’m not able to change shipping frequency. My friend logged into her account while I watched & she does not have the same problems. What is going on & why don’t you have a phone number where customers can actually get customer service? This concept of sending emails back n forth is ridiculous & wastes too much time.

  27. My Stitch Fix was marked as delivered this past Friday… It was not there when I got home. I asked neighbors if they had possibly grabbed it, they had not. I emailed your support group right away and got an email back 24 hours later, basically re-stating what I told you. That is not helpful. I do not want to get charge for something I never received. Not having a phone number for customer services is ridiculous . If I don’t get legitimate help soon, I’ll be disputing the charges to my credit card and I will will be canceling my stitch fix.

  28. Shipping issue…. I received an email today that you have not received my stitch fix return package. I followed all instructions, used your pre paid label/package and dropped it off at a drop box last Monday, April 28th. This is extremely concerning & I’m hoping for a response to my email soon. It would be helpful if you had a customer service ph# to contact. Because of this issue I am apprehensive about scheduling future fixes.

  29. I ordered a gift card last night, but have not received the confirmation email with the code. I really hope to have this card in time for Mother’s Day. I also ordered a second card, but accidentally mistyped my email address. I immediately opened up a ticket with the details on the issue because I know that confirmation email won’t get to me. Please help!

  30. HI Stitch Fix: Please work on a customer service number. I am confident my questions( i.e. cant even get signed up) could be simple to resolve with a call… but instead it is an email hassle. Your male counterpart- trunk club has a number, can’t you? Is this something you are working on getting? Thanks!!

  31. Hi – I have submitted an email to the address because I got SOMEONE ELSE’S fix in the mail. I was supposed to get my box yesterday and I got someone else’s – it has a different name than mine on the packing slip and everything and the sizes are all wrong. I’d really like my fix!! Help!

  32. I also have a shipping issue. My tracking number shows my box was delivered today but it isn’t here. I’m very upset and don’t want to be charged for something I don’t get. I really want my box. Help! I’ve emailed already.

  33. Hi Stich Fix,

    I am expecting my second stitch fix and thought it had come today in the mail when I saw the box downstairs. In my excitement, I tried on the items and kept one sweater, then put the rest in the pre-paid postage bag. However, upon closer inspection of the bag and the list of items on my checkout screen on the website, it seems as though I snagged my neighbors fix and not mine! I feel horrible and don’t want her to a) think she’s being stiffed by you all and b) think I stole from her. Please help!

    • Hi Carmen! I think you might be talking about my box! Do you happen to live on Pleasant St? If so, no worries – let’s just figure this out with the company so I’m not charged. My email address is posted in the lobby – please reach out. Thank so much!

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