Creating Your Perfect Pinterest Style Board

One of the best ways you can communicate with your Stitch Fix Stylist is by creating a Pinterest Style Board! Setting up a Pinterest account and creating a style board is easy and will help your Stylist get to know your style so they can send you the best Fixes possible. Here’s how to create your own Stitch Fix Style Board in just a few easy steps!

Step 1: Go to Pinterest

1 Pinterest Sign-up HP

Step 2: Create your account

Sign up with your email or Facebook account.

2 Pinterst Sign up section

Step 3: Make a Stitch Fix Style board

You can create as many boards as you want and label them whatever sparks your fancy, but your Stitch Fix Stylist would love to see a board dedicated to your style inspirations. Pick a title such as “My Stitch Fix Style” or “Stitch Fix Style Inspiration” so that your Stylist can easily reference this board.
6 Create a board

Step 4: Begin Pinning

Once your Stitch Fix Style Board is created you’re ready for Pinning! There are three ways you can add pins to your board:

  • 1. Use the search field on Pinterest to browse and Pin as you go. Hover over an image on Pinterest and click the “Pin it” button on the upper left corner of the image
  • 2. Upload images from your desktop
  • 3. Use the Pin It button on your browser to Pin around the web (Don’t have it yet? Get it here!). Once you have the Pin It button, you can save looks from your favorite blogs, sites and catalogs to your boards.

7 pinning to your new board

Step 5: Pin from Stitch Fix

Feel free to Pin from the Stitch Fix Pinterest Boards or the Stitch Fix Blog. You can also follow the Stitch Fix boards and get updates right in your feed! Pretend that you’re going window shopping and add as many Pins as you like! It’s also a great idea to add an image or two of yourself.
12 Inside my pinterest board

Step 6: Label your Pins

When Pinning your style images that you’re inspired by, be sure to add a few words as to why you love this image. Whether it’s the detailing, fit or color, all of these are helpful indicators for your Stitch Fix Stylist.

9 Pinterest Pinning

Step 7: Add your Pinterest board to your Stitch Fix Style Profile

Click into your full board and then copy and paste the full web address (example: from your browser into your Stitch Fix Style Profile.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.51.56 PM

Step 8: Keep on Pinning

Continue to keep your board updated! The more current your style inspiration, the better we’ll be able to get you pieces you love!

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  1. I kept every item in my fix yesterday! Megan Neves, the stylist, commented that she got the inspiration from my Pinterest board and referred to several of the items she was inspired from. LOVE IT!!! Best fix yet!

  2. Being new to Pinterest I didn’t know if it was appropriate, but I included on my style board some photos of myself wearing some favorite outfits. My Stitch Fix stylist told me the board was helpful when she put together my first fix, and thanked me for including photos of myself. She definitely got the right idea, I loved everything she sent (small matter of fit on 2 pieces, but we’ll work that out)!

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  4. I think it would be helpful if you add a place where we can upload a picture of ourselves. This way you can see what our body looks like. This would really be beneficial to everyone involved!

    • This is a great idea! Sometimes it’s hard to really describe your body, and uploading pictures of yourself would be a very easy fix for this.

  5. Very helpful…I have created a new board but need to do some clean up and add some hints for next month’s fix….#6!

  6. This is great advice. I go on pinning binges and I rarely change the captions, which probably confuses my poor stylist. Now I know what I’m going to do this evening!

  7. I need to update captions as well! Although I have to say that this fix Camille REALLY paid attention to my board. She did a great job and I hope everyone spends time doing research like that.

    • Hi Nancy! Your stylist will likely not be able to access a secret board unfortunately. If you just want to pin your style inspiration, that is fine! XOXO

  8. I provided my Pinterest board name when I signed up…it doesn’t mention stitch fix per se- do I have to name it that? or can i keep what i have

    • Hi Christine!

      You can keep the name you have on there–that’s fine! Just make sure that the link you provided goes directly to your style board!

  9. I can’t figure out to get my board link from either my browser or my pinterest app because it doesn’t appear! I’m using a Samsung galaxy s5.

    • Tap once in the address bar (mine showed the same way on my iPad). Once the details show up – which they should – then I think you should be able to hold your finger on the address so that the option to copy comes up. Once you’ve copied, then paste the address in the Style section. Tapping on the address bar of your Pinterest is what will make all the details appear.

      Hope this works for you. :)

  10. I’d love to figure out a way to use the secret boards to share how I look in the clothes without having to share it with everyone!!! Maybe in the future it will be an option.

  11. Secret board for me as well; just don’t do a public board. I emailed my picture so my stylist could see me, but sounds like that isn’t an option.

  12. You can post pictures of yourself on your board with your head cut off. I do this so my stylist can see my body in the clothes but it maintains my privacy as I don’t use my name on my board. (I don’t want random pictures of me “out there” either!

  13. Is there a way to “invite” my stylist to my Pinterest board? I keep all my Pinterest boards private (secret

    • Hi there, unfortunately no, that is our customer service email address. In order for your Stylist to see your board, you must make them public.

  14. I’m having the same issue. My stitch fix style idea board is secret, I strongly prefer to keep it that way. Is there any way around this? I’m a little bummed because after my first fix I emailed stitch fix to confirm that my link to my pinterest board was received to my profile and I got a “yes” reply. I’m finding out 2 fixes later that the stylist hasn’t had the ability to see them. Thanks for your input!

    • Unfortunately it’s not possible at this time! Is there anyway you can make it public? Maybe you can label it something secret and share that in your profile! :)

    • I do not understand why so many of you require your pinterest boards to be secret. What is the big deal? This is not a Stitch Fix problem…it is not a Pinterest problem either…if you choose to keep your boards secret, that’s what they will be! You guys can’t blame SF because you choose to keep secret boards

      • Nobody is blaming Stitch Fix. Some people are just more private than others. Everyone has their own “comfort zone”. Individuals have their own personal preferences. To each their own!They are just suggesting it as an option. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. :)

  15. Do you allow us to post pictures of ourselves in our stitch profile rather then pinning ourselves to a board?

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  18. Same here – I have a secret board that I’m happy to share with you but do not want to make it public. Would be great to have that option!

    • HI there, I’m sorry that we can’t see private boards. Unfortunately at this time, the only way to share looks with your Stylist is through public Pinterest boards. Is there any way you can work around this? Perhaps there will be a new way to share style with your Stylist in the future… :)

  19. Whoops. I’d created a Stitchfix Pinterest board last month after a year of receiving fixes, and in the fix I received yesterday my stylist didn’t reference it in her note. So I just found out by reading these comments that you cannot see a secret/private board…. Too bad. I don’t want my board to be public, so I guess it’s of no use to anyone. Chalk me up as another faithful customer who is asking that you somehow access our private boards when we invite you…. (Maybe this is a Pinterest limitation, and there is nothing Stichfix can do about it?)

    • This is because Pinterest is respecting your choice for a secret board, there is nothing Stitch a Fix can do about this. I’d love to know why so many keep secret clothing boards! What is the big secret?

    • HI there, unfortunately at this time, you can’t share a private board with our Stylists. That would require you to invite them individually using their personal account. At this point, we have not been able to integrate our systems with Pinterest, but this is definitely something that could happen in the future with the help of (a lot) of engineering work! Trust us, it’s on our radar! May I ask if there’s any reason in particular that you want to keep your style board secret?

  20. My workaround for the public-private pinterest board conundrum was to make a public pinterest board under an alias. Just a tip for you ladies who like to keep their personal photos and interest in fashion private :)

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