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Boho Style at Any Age: 3 Ways To Wear It Now

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0 thoughts on “Boho Style at Any Age: 3 Ways To Wear It Now”

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  2. Marilyn 1 year ago

    Too cute (I’m 46)!!

  3. Mandie 1 year ago

    Love these looks! Especially the 20’s dress (even though I’m in my 30’s)!

  4. Donna 1 year ago

    I like the 40’s outfit

  5. P Hays 1 year ago

    Love all these!!!!!

  6. Angela 1 year ago

    short Jean jackets add texture to so many different styles!!
    I need one!

  7. Chris Ward 1 year ago

    Love this look I would order if I received these pieces. Tell me how to get them.

  8. Trudi Awline 1 year ago

    Bo Ho for me!

  9. Terry Stump 1 year ago

    Love the 30s shift dress, but I imagine it’s a little short for my age. The 40’s look is good too!

  10. Elissa 1 year ago

    I love all three looks.

  11. Kim Hoffpauir 1 year ago

    I no longer wear dresses but I love the casual comfortable look of BoHo.

  12. Maura Ellis 1 year ago

    LOVE the outfit for 40+! Send me that one!!

  13. Julie 1 year ago

    Love all 3 of these looks. The dresses look a little short- I’d love them as long as they are more “above knee” than “mid-thigh” length. Love the long necklace in the 3rd look.

  14. Phays 1 year ago

    Oh my…love, love, love!!!!!’

  15. Phyllis Natalie laskowski 1 year ago

    Love the boho look! Always need a white peasant blouse!

  16. Renee Mooney 1 year ago

    Love all three looks!

  17. Lauren 1 year ago

    Where can the printed boho dress at?

  18. 1 year ago

    love the outfit for 40+. would love to wear that!

  19. Deb 1 year ago

    At my age, I no longer have the legs for the short skirts…but I do love the fabric/patterns. Any of these styles as a shirt, longer skirt, or pant would be great for me. I’ve ALWAYS loved boho.

  20. Laurel 1 year ago

    Love the blue shift!

  21. Sarah 1 year ago

    Love the shift dress – that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  22. Daily Sports USA 1 year ago

    I really like boho, it’s perfect for sunny days, shirt dress is gorgeous, looks great with denim jacket.

  23. Susan Williams 1 year ago

    Love the shift dress!

  24. Rosemary Lambert-Falls 1 year ago

    Last ship ment 3 weeks late. Just sent back. Colors were dark & horrible. Do not send jewelry

  25. Maxine DiCamillo 1 year ago

    Now that’s a dress I’d wear.. Send that one!!!!( blue shift)

  26. Tosha Chandler 1 year ago

    I didn’t think I would like Boho but I love all of these. Please send!

  27. jennifer gayle hamrick 1 year ago

    Love boho even at 70 but I’m a hippie chick! Send any!

  28. Priscilla 1 year ago

    I don’t usually wear dresses, but I’d be willing to try that shift dress!

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