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How to Flaunt Your Best Features

This year, we’re vowing to free ourselves from the confines of body shapes. It’s hard enough—maybe even impossible—to pinpoint just one body shape (why isn’t there a pear/triangle hybrid!?), so we’re introducing a new way of thinking about how to dress your figure. Instead, the key is to learn how to flaunt your best features (we all have them) & downplay those features you don’t love (we all have these, too). The result is a custom wardrobe that fits your curves perfectly.

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0 thoughts on “How to Flaunt Your Best Features”

  1. Sonia 9 months ago

    When does the spring/summer items start coming?

  2. Carol Fisher 9 months ago

    I like to flaunt my cleavage hide my stomach

  3. Stephanie 9 months ago

    Can you please share with us where to find these items? I have not been thrilled with the options sent to me by my stylist, but I adore some of these (the green tee and black/white skirt to name just a few!) I would be happy to order them through SF 🙂

    1. Stitch Fix 9 months ago

      Hi Stephanie, Thank you for writing in. These pieces are meant to be guides for your Stylist (and for you!) so that you can request particular silhouettes and not exact pieces from this story. The beauty of Stitch Fix is that special surprise and experience! Our inventory also changes so often that some items might not even be around for longer than a few weeks. We do this because we always want the newest, freshest, most diverse options to send out to all of our incredibly unique women. If you liked what you saw, you can mention that you are interested in those particular shapes and colors and I’m sure you’re Stylist will be able to find you something similar if not better for you. We hope this helps. If you have further questions, please write back.

  4. Dana Byrd 9 months ago

    I am an apple with HUGE boobs. I have great legs, but no butt. I am short waisted. I’m 5ft tall. I like leggings with v neck, cap sleeves. Shorts not too short. I also like wearing one color cuz it helps my figure. Petites are perfect for me. Good luck! And thank you for your hard work!
    Plus, if you could find a pair of dark leggings would be awesome!

    Thank you again!

    1. Stitch Fix 9 months ago

      Hi Dana, Please make sure you write this information in your Style Profile where your Stylist can see it as well!

  5. Kathy 9 months ago

    I’m not sure I have much of anything to flaunt! I would like to try off the shoulder tops. I’m tall (5’7″) and slender. No cleavage or butt, so I really don’t know what to do! Please help!

  6. Laurie levin 9 months ago

    Do you think you will expand to men’s clothing anytime soon?

  7. Karin 9 months ago

    I’ve been thrilled with the pieces you have chosen for me.

  8. Tina Rodriguez 9 months ago

    I LOVE all three of the tops in the Flaunt Cleavage group. How do I get those in my Stitch Fix? 🙂 🙂

  9. Michelle McCormick 9 months ago

    I like everything that’s in the flaunt your midsection, except the jacket. Is the gray top longer, so it hides the rear?

  10. Tammy 9 months ago

    What about HIDING your belly??

  11. Kelsi 9 months ago

    I use to struggle with insecurity and so answering which area I would like to flaunt can be kind of tough. I do not have a chest to really flaunt so I would probably lean more toward my arms and legs. Is there a way to “flaunt” these areas in the winter? I live in a colder climate area so I am currently layering! Is this something I should just work toward come spring and summer?

  12. Jenn Hoff 9 months ago

    I applaud your intention of helping women of various shapes and sizes style their wardrobe in a way that it fresh, fun and flattering. I think you’re on to something! Has Stitch Fix expanded its size range so that more women can take advantage of your expert styling advice and selections? Or is cuteness still reserved for those that fit in “standard” sizes?

    1. Stitch Fix 9 months ago

      Hi Jenn, Thank you for writing in. As of today, we carry 0-16 & XS-XL. However, we can say that our executive team feels strongly that we should be a service for all women. As we have grown, our access to better vendors and better products has increased and we truly appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve moved from a tiny company to one that is not! Stay tuned for more in 2016 and beyond.

  13. Anna Haag 9 months ago

    I really like the shoulder cut out tops…especially the burgundy see through neckline at top. Also like the other one as well. Looking forward to my next shipment.

  14. Angie 9 months ago

    I am 5’1″ with curves, but not to fond of my short, thick legs. I have a hard time with skirts and shorts so I do not feel self conscious. Any suggestions on what to request to my stylist?

  15. Doreen Foutch 9 months ago

    I purchased Margaret M Slimming Pants with my first delivery from Stitch Fix. I don’t feel like I made a good decision. Because I also purchased a long sweater (which I love), I thought I needed close fitting pants. I now feel these pants are too tight and don’t do much for me.

  16. Valerie 9 months ago

    Any tips on how to flatter or show off my neckline?

  17. Jessica 9 months ago

    What is the name of the maroon sheer neckline shirt for flaunting your cleavage? I love it

  18. Casey 9 months ago

    I guess I would fall under the flaunt cleavage category. I would’ve never considered myself in that category, but the examples you pictured are the kinds of tips I tend to buy…anyway I can get the gray sweater pictures?! Love it! I also wear mostly skinny jeans or leggings when not at work…again, didn’t think of it as flaunting my booty, but I’m learning something here. Now my arms, I know I like to flaunt those, but I work hard to have them toned, so why not flaunt ’em. Glad I read this! Hopefully this info will help my stylist as well!

  19. Lee ennis 9 months ago

    I am 54. I am small but nothing that seems to fit I the flaunt category…so what do I do?

    1. Stitch Fix 9 months ago

      Thank you for your questions. If there is a body part that you like to flaunt, that is something you can write in your Fix Note (these are notes you can write for each shipment) or at the end of your Style Profile in your Profile notes to your Stylist. From there, they can help you find the pieces best for you!

  20. CRS 9 months ago

    What if you nothing to flaunt…. ?

  21. Linda Huber-Harkiewicz aka Linda Huber 9 months ago

    I like the Drop V Neck,and Wrap top, if you have something with square neck line, even better. I have long legs however i have bad veins in my legs so short dresses are out, unless i can wear leggins,or tights. i love heels to make my legs even longer. I like the black skirt. Under Mid section. i like the black and white dress i would wear that with a white blazer and tights or black leggings. I like the photo above with the tights and white skirt and longer top w/ boots. i like the strappy tank and shoulder cut out. but not the pattern on the blouse with the cut outs. I love to dress classy, even when i wear jeans. I have a little bit of a tummy so any thing i can do to hide it the better. the strappy tank the gathers at the waist works when hiding my tummy. However the knot detail top does not work for me. I hope this helps feel free to contact me at Linda

  22. Andrea Hoelter 9 months ago

    Okay, in my next Fix, how about trying these:
    Cleavage: V-neck
    Rear: Pencil skirt
    Oh, and if you look up my name “Andrea Hoelter” on Pinterest, you’ll see I have a board entitled, “Fashion.” There, you can look up some of the things I like in style. (To make sure you have the right person, I also have “Quilting,” “Dogs,” “Camping,” and others.)

  23. Linda Gault 9 months ago

    I have lost a lot of weight so I do not have cleavage, abs, or shapely legs. Not sure what would be best to “flaunt”. As an older woman, I’m not into real tight or short items. Leggings and longer dresses/skirts feel better to me. While I know that layering is the in thing, I’m not real good about doing that, plus I live in a hot desert climate. I’m hoping to get some muscle tone back, but just don’t have it right now.

    1. Stitch Fix 9 months ago

      Thank you for commenting. Layering (even in the desert) is something that you can (and should!) give a shot. If you live in a warm climate, look for longer tunics and draped pieces that are made out of lightweight cotton or other breathable fabrics. And, if you’re not used to layering, just start with a simple tank and add and longer, waterfall cardigan!

    2. S J 9 months ago

      And, more important, congrats on losing the weight!!

  24. Shawn 9 months ago

    What if you are not comfortable with ANY of those choices? I think flaunting my face and hands are my best options 😛

    1. Stitch Fix 9 months ago

      Hi Shawn, Thank you for your comment. If you’re not comfortable with flaunting any of these choices, you can also learn how to downplay parts of your body too. It’s on the blog as well and we hope you find it helpful.

    2. Lynda 9 months ago

      so agree!! 🙂

    3. Michele 9 months ago

      I hear you Shawn; I can TOTALLY relate!!

  25. Priscilla 9 months ago

    I don’t have cleavage, arms, abs or legs to flaunt…i guess my default is butt! convenient since i’m currently obsessed with pleather leggings!

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  29. Jenny 9 months ago

    I am a pear

  30. JoAnne 9 months ago

    I’m an apple, my Mother’s an apple, my grandmother was an apple! Not only do I have apple genes, menopause makes it impossible to lose where you want!!!

  31. Redwardsin 9 months ago

    I am part pear and part hourglass. I am hippy but not certain exactly if my shoulders are wider than my hips…

  32. Christie 9 months ago

    These don’t define me either. I’m between an hourglass and ruler, but with a large chest and hips. Have to work for waist definition. Not sure which of these fit…

  33. Nina 9 months ago

    A pear and 5’4″. Size varies between petite S or M & regular S depending on style. I have a waist but then there’s the muffin…. Sometimes knee length skirts work or slim tunic and leggings. Guess I need clothes that elongate the body overall.

  34. Linda Gulyn 9 months ago

    I have a basically straight shape, but tiny shoulders.

  35. Anne 9 months ago

    Smaller bust, long waist broad shoulders and broad hips

  36. Yolanda Andersen 9 months ago

    I’m 56 years old and for several years have never thought much about new trends but gave Stitch Fix a try on advice of an aquaintance. After having received two fixes I found myself considering my current wardrobe and thinking how best to become more current.
    After a recent, and rare, shopping excursion it was amazing to see so many more style options than I’d noticed before. What a rut I’d been in! But three more clothing items were added to my wardrobe, based on my recent Stitch Fix selections.
    What a breath of fresh air! And to have it so easily done. I’d happily never go to the Mall again!

  37. Trina Nevins 9 months ago

    I have recieved 2 fixes now. I have loved them both. The outfits are versatile and comfortable. I am shocked how well everything is fitting. I had to exchange a blazer for a bigger size but other than that everything has been spot on. I have loved everything i’m getting. I feel like my stylist knows mean already. Can’t wait for the next one. I told my husband this is so much better than fruit of the month club!! I want to show off everything! Thats what clothes are for. I’m getting lots of comments on my great style.

  38. Shirley Fisher 9 months ago

    I received my 1st fix package and loved everything in it. The fit was perfect. I am 66 years old and my kids thought everything looked really geat on me. I had to return some of the items because I thought they were a little pricey, but then I don’t shop much for myslef. I can’t wait to see what next month brings me.

  39. Donna J Silcock 9 months ago

    Very happy about receiving my 1st Fix! I tried on the tops, feeling pretty confident about the possibilities. I am keeping all 3 tops, probably returning the dress as it is too long – however I haven’t tried it on yet… I should show my husband and see how he responds. : ) I’m excited about my next Fix and revised my preferences for more additional accessories.

  40. Dawn Marie Delmonico 9 months ago

    I just received my first shipment that Sarah put together. I fell in love with EVERYTHING!!! She did a great job with my profile and I went to my closet and mixed in a few pieces of my own to create even more glam outfits, as suggested. I can’t wait to get my next shipment! Thank you Sarah!

  41. Tammy Brown 9 months ago

    I got my 1st fix. I got one pair of skinny jeans with zippers at the ankle and holes, not my style but they fit well so i will keep them. 3 shirts that I love but one was dry clean only and 1 other that i didn’t like at all. I would have sent back the one i didn’t like at all and the one that required dry clean only. Those 2 totaled over 100.00 but after the 25% discount they offer for keeping everything It would have been only 14.00 of a savings. So , I will keep them and sale the 2 I didn’t like on ebay I guess. I really like this concept and will give it another try .

  42. Sherri Stokes Jarrett 9 months ago

    I was extremely pleased with every piece in my first fix! The size & fit of each piece was perfect, styles were fabulous and fun, I learned that I can wear some items that I would never have picked to try on from stores. My favorite item was a pair of jeans from Kut from the Kloth – My husband gave me a WOW that was priceless! :0) I even got my first maxi dress that was perfect in length – even for my 5’2″ frame. I cannot wait for the next fix to arrive!

  43. Joanna Aaron 9 months ago

    I recieved my 1st fix and at first was not impressed, I am 50 and 5’4″ and felt like the styles were aimed at an old lady, I tried them on (and yes I used the card that came with the fix) and was impressed at well they fit and I was able to incorporated a few of my own pieces to make the outfits work. I was a bit disappointed that the styles I indicated on my “Love It” list were really not incorporated into the shipment. I am really not sure what style the pieces are from but they are cute. I had to update my note to stylist to make sure my next fix is closer to what I am looking for. I did keep all pieces this round but I am hoping to see a better fix next round. I have rescheduled my next shipment for next week just to see what the sylist comes in with. I hope the pieces have a bit more thought put into them. We will see…..

  44. Beth Smith DeCarlo 9 months ago

    I am really enjoying the service. I receive items that I’d probably never pick for myself, making the whole experience an adventure when I open the box. I don’t always love the items but, I do love most of them! My only complaint is that some of the items are more expensive than I’d like to pay however, finding the unique is a benefit. Whenever I purchase an items, I always get compliments at work and I know that I’m not likely to be wearing an identical outfit to someone else.

  45. Lori Bevans Wolsey 9 months ago

    Got my first fix and am happy with the process. I am only keeping one item, but the other items were things that I am looking for or things that match my style. Items were more pricey than I would like, but if they are great quality, versatile and I really like them, then I believe they are worth it. I have scheduled another fix and am looking forward to seeing how it goes!

  46. Dee Borders Cannon 9 months ago

    Love, Love, Love. What a great idea! Perfect for us busy girls who want to stay in style and have no time to shop!

  47. Kathleen Gehalo 9 months ago

    Kathleen gehalo

    I am going on my 4th fix. I have kept every single piece. I love everything and the clothes fit beautiful. I am 57 years old, but I dont want to dress like an old woman. My bother-in-law asked me where I got my fashion sense, I took most of the credit, although stich fix has come through with 5 stars. Keep it up my personal shopperbetween my personal trainer and stich fix I feel beautiful again.

  48. Jamey Leigh Frati 9 months ago

    I am 48 years old and only 5 foot tall. I dress for comfort, am semi-conservative, but still like to look cute. I just got my 1st fix yesterday and at first wasn’t too sure about the selections, but after I got home, tried everything on, and studied the style cards, I decided to keep everything. I’m so glad I did. I wore my 1st outfit to work this morning and have received so many compliments! I’m super excited about my next fix! It is cheaper to just go ahead and purchase all 5 items so you can get the 25% discount.

  49. Diane Temple 9 months ago

    My first fix was a miss BUT not due to my stylist. Being in the fashion industry, I already have the basic black pants, and the usual wrap dress. After sending my stylist a note, I received my second fix and loved 3 of the items. So ladies, give it time. Just like every other relationship in our lives – it takes a bit of time to get to know one another and your likes and dislikes. I can’t wait for my next fix!

  50. Patricia Dunford 9 months ago

    I got my first shipment yesterday. So disappointed The two blouses were not flattering and too big. The dress was nice but I wouldn’t be able to wear it until fall. I live in South Texas Not sure what they were thinking with the black stretch paints.

  51. Leah Catherine 9 months ago

    First fix was very disappointing. I am sending everything back. With the exception of my size, my preferences were not taken into account…wrong colors, wrong fit, wrong style, and hand wash only. The only items that weren’t poorly matched for me, were the skinny jeans, but not a style of skinny jeans that I liked. I really want this to work…will try one more month.

  52. Linda Tanghe 9 months ago

    Just got my first fix, I loved everything. I am not organized and have lots of jewelry/accessories but I don’t know how to put them together. The style cards really helped. My first 5 pieces gave some of my existing stuff a rebirth too. I love to alway be on the dressier side of casual, and now I feel like I will get there.

  53. Vickie Martin Maurer 9 months ago

    I wasn’t impressed with my first shipment at all! I asked for summer colors but what I got was navy blue and green. Told them I didn’t like gaudy shoes and got silver shoes with very wide straps. The dress made me look dumpy and the prices are horribly high! I sent everything back. Oh and don’t wait around to send back.They have a 3 day window where you have to send back or they will charge you for those items. I will look at 1 more shipment and if they don’t get it right with colors and prices I will cancel my account. I’m not paying double when I can get similiar items for half their price. It’s not worth it to have them throw some clothes in a box. I will do my own shopping. They should have options to click on that includes price so you can pick something you will actually wear!

  54. D Aniella D Avis 9 months ago

    So I got my first Fix and I absoulutely loved everything! It took me about a month to decide because I was apprehensive of someone picking out clothes for me. I am a clinical psychologist and need to look professional but also want to look feminie and classy. The pieces they sent me are items I would not normally select for myself, but I’m very pleased with the styles selected. I even got a “WOW! from my husband which rarely happens! It also made me feel very special as it comes with a personal note based on my wants/needs and I can tell the stylist really listened and thought about her selections for me based on my profile. Give it a try. It comes with a return envelope in case you want to return anything or everything. I’m glad I tried it. It’s a brilliant idea for someone like me who is style challenged.

  55. Dina Saitis 9 months ago

    Got my first fix. Love this. So much fun. Even kept a piece i would never have tried on. Very happy

  56. Jan Woodham 9 months ago

    I got my 1st fix and enjoyed it. The outfits they put together were perfect. The capris were a little big at the waist but I believe that’s because of the amount of spandex they put in clothes now days. I’m 59 years old and Stitch Fix is helping me catch up to current styles but at the same time not dress like a 20 year old. I’m into comfort & I’m semi-conservative, I don’t want to show off anything, just look nice. I’m looking forward to my next fix.

  57. Debbie Firtel 9 months ago

    Looking forward to my first fix! How can I help the Stich Fix team figure out my wants & needs??

  58. Pam Hill 9 months ago

    I’m a little apprehensive about someone else picking out my clothes. I’m conservative but want a classy look. I’m very picky.

  59. Tanya Belle 9 months ago

    just got my last fex. only did this twice so far and im in love!!… dont like all the pieces but each fix had stuff i loved. think it will get better as time goes on. looking forward to it!!

  60. Diane Kochis 9 months ago

    What if you don’t want to flaunt?

  61. Stephanie Hernandez 9 months ago

    Just placed an order! So excited!

  62. Jody Lammerts Gray 9 months ago

    What about those of us who want to stylishly CAMOFLAGE?

  63. Santa Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Like everything here…jajaja!

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