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Style Tips for Graduation Day

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7 thoughts on “Style Tips for Graduation Day”

  1. Courtney F 2 years ago

    As a faculty member who attends three graduations each year, I wanted to say that you should jazz up the shoes! That’s the part most people will see while you’re in your cap and gown, so if you can get away with it, make them fun!

  2. Alice 2 years ago

    I absolutely love the first two looks!! I would love to see something similar in my next fix. Thank you!

  3. Christine Jones 2 years ago

    Can we buy some of the items pictured?

    1. Stitch Fix 2 years ago

      Hi Christine!

      We don’t sell any merchandise directly from our website but you can always request any of the pieces you see for your next Fix!

  4. Maria Drametenos 2 years ago

    For one thing i think all the outfits are cute and fresh! But unless you are over 30 these outfits are not fun. the outfit should have a flare to it and show off you in every way. I don’t mean to be rude but after college your life really begins and you can really say u are all ground up…i think ur outfit should show ur new self..your new begging!

  5. Angel Bell 2 years ago

    I love these looks! The Salerno fit and flare dress is so pretty and in my favorite color, too! My graduation is coming up in December and need to remember to request something special for my big day!

  6. Talitha Culver 2 years ago

    Love these looks and I haven’t been a graduate in years…especially the Carson and Cheyanne tops and Emer pants. I returned the pants in kelly green and have regretted it ever since. Can I get them again and do they maybe come in navy???

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