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What to Wear: Summer Vacations

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51 thoughts on “What to Wear: Summer Vacations”

  1. Joan 1 year ago

    Love the whole flowy white tank, denim shorts and bag!

  2. Debra Farinholt 1 year ago

    Love the black shirt and necklace in the urban one!

  3. Nancy Kirkpatrick 1 year ago

    I love the orange skirt, the demin sleeveless top and the jeans and the black sleeveless top. Great choices.

  4. Jana hurtova 1 year ago

    I like some of the Tropics clothing items only…

  5. 22 | Stitch Fix Caribbean Edition ‹ Cotten Tales 1 year ago

    […] had high hopes for this Fix, since Stitch Fix has been promoting vacation style on their own blog, and my Pinterest board has pretty much been on point. However, when I sneaked a peak at my […]

  6. Lisa 1 year ago

    I like the sleeveless top in the “Beach Get Away” look and the orange skirt in the “Road Trip.”

  7. geoincalifornia 1 year ago

    Love the just above the knee shorts. But clutches are just too small. I need a big tote on trips

  8. Heather 1 year ago

    I’m really digging the Urban Adventure total look, esp the blazer. Mavi used to a popular denim brand. The Road Trip look is cute too, even though I usually don’t care for orange, I like it with the chambray top. Can’t wait to get my next Fix on!

  9. Sandra Phillips 1 year ago

    I like the urban and road trip tops…I don’t like jeans with holes and i don’t wear jean jackets. I am equipped with clutches.

  10. Lynn Buck 1 year ago

    I like the skirt on the Beach Getaway

  11. Bianca 1 year ago

    Love the tropics outfit and the sleeveless shirts in the other two outfits

  12. Marsha Persinger 1 year ago

    Like the beachy getaway ( not crazy about the skirt prefer shorts, no jean shorts) and urban adventure love (maybe with a cool color shirt for summer )

  13. Sandra 1 year ago

    Going to Alaska in July and cruise down to Vancouver. Like the blue shirt in Road trip. Looking forward to the cashmere.

  14. Brenda Loucks 1 year ago

    I really like all the items except maybe the shorts, too old to wear them that short anymore. I love the tank tops that are very flowing and comfy.

  15. Regina Brewer 1 year ago

    All wonderful ensembles. Would love the blazer in a fix closer to fall.

  16. Jenn Harris 1 year ago

    I really am looking forward to my next Fix ! Headed to Greece in July ! I’m very excited for a soft new look
    Bless u stitch fix !

  17. Debra 1 year ago

    Love the “beach getaway” selection!

  18. Rhysa Hatcher 1 year ago

    I am planning a vacation to St. Maarten as well as spending time in St. Barth. I really don’t like cut off short however , I find myself loving embroidered shirts. I will spend majority of my time in sand and water but, will dress preferably in a nice summer dress (hint) for dinner.

  19. Juliet 1 year ago

    I love the first and last outfit

  20. Angie 1 year ago

    I like all the looks. The shorts need to be longer. I like a walking short just above the knee.

  21. Beth Yoder 1 year ago

    Love the denim shirt. Perfect for me and fall.

  22. Stephanie 1 year ago

    How do I get one of the outfits in my collection

  23. Valerie gould 1 year ago

    I love the nautical set and the top with orange skirt set.

  24. Kim 1 year ago

    I’m in love with the Urban Adventure and road trip!!!

  25. Karen carson 1 year ago

    Love the straw hat. And the white shirt

  26. Karen 1 year ago

    I love all of the Tropics outfits!!

  27. karen 1 year ago

    Where is that tank in the road trip section from? It’s super cute.

  28. J. Gilliland 1 year ago

    Love the Road Trip outfit! I want The Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top!!

  29. Cheryl cash 1 year ago

    Aruba bound in July. Love all the suggestions.

  30. Ruth Babin 1 year ago

    Everything looks great! My buts consist of short “gathered” navy skirt and long gathered maxi. I’m more of a straight skirt Gal! I know large signature necklaces are all over…but not on my neck! Clutches and shoes are “A-OK”

  31. Patti 1 year ago

    Like the red maxi skirt.

  32. Marissa 1 year ago

    Love them all, especially the city and tropics bound looks!

  33. Rosemarie Tipaldo 1 year ago

    I like the tropics look. No jeans shorts or short shorts. Like the skirt in road trip.

  34. Elisa Lester 1 year ago

    Like the tropics bound looks!

  35. Rebecca 1 year ago

    love some of these looks. – the tops and the orange skirt

  36. diane 1 year ago

    love the maxi skirt & top in road trip, also love the black top in the urban adventure; also like the tropics bound look

    1. Diane 1 year ago

      would love some of these in my next fix 🙂

  37. Angela 1 year ago

    Love these looks!

  38. Stef 1 year ago

    Looooove all of these!!!!!

  39. Rachel Zenhausern 1 year ago

    Would love some advice for staying cool and looking pulled together in southern Europe.

  40. sanette 1 year ago

    I really like the tropic bound, road trip and urban look. We do travel alot so these pieces would work very well.

  41. Amy 1 year ago

    Love all the outfits.

  42. holly coons 1 year ago


  43. Maureen 1 year ago

    I’m a little annoyed that I got this email today (after getting my fix yesterday) about telling your stylist your plans. I told my stylist that I needed something for a bachelorette party in Atlantic City this month and I didn’t receive any clothing that anyone could wear on a night out! Just disappointing this time around since I love getting my fix every month!

  44. Sheila 1 year ago

    Really like all of these looks!

  45. Michelle 1 year ago

    Those jeans are from Target. I wore mine yesterday… Seriously?

    1. Stitch Fix 1 year ago

      Hi Michelle, these jeans are by Mavi, a brand that we carry at Stitch Fix. A raw denim hem is trending right now, so I’m sure you will start to see them everywhere! Hope you’re having fun with the trend! 🙂

  46. Melinda Constable 1 year ago

    I love the shirt, Claude woven bag straw hat. No cut off jean shorts. I am active and spend a ton of time outside. I do not dress matronly! There was another picture of faded bye short and a cute maybe beaded clutch. Hip not generic. Not baggy!

  47. Mary 1 year ago

    Really like last two!!!

  48. Mary 1 year ago

    Love the looks!

  49. Priscilla 1 year ago

    I love the tropics bound outfits. It’s making me itch to book my next vacation!!

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