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How to Style Printed Bottoms

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20 thoughts on “How to Style Printed Bottoms”

  1. Melissa Smith 2 years ago

    I love these pants with a pop of color tunic and flats in a different color maybe? I would love to try this. Melissa Smith

  2. Emmaline 2 years ago

    Love the print soft shorts!

  3. Lisa Plant 2 years ago

    Love the first outfits.

  4. Karla 2 years ago


  5. Patricia Vickers 2 years ago

    I really would luv both these outfits with the printed bottoms and tops (whole ourfit)

  6. Toni 2 years ago

    Love this!

  7. Geri 2 years ago

    LOVE top 1+2 of first collection!! (Bowie + Sherrie)

  8. Suzanne Crawford 2 years ago

    Love this whole outfit!

  9. Suzanne Holzworth 2 years ago

    I would love the Sherrie Pocket Front Mixed Material Blouse in my next scheduled fix. I think it would be a great staple piece for my wardrobe. Suzanne Holzworth

  10. Carole Hartman-King 2 years ago

    No prints for me…makes me look like old lady – I am but don’t want prints! I like soft pastels, jeans or khaki’s or white pants and I do like stripes with v-necks and 3/4 sleeves and easy to care for fabrics. Thanks

  11. Carie Labritz 2 years ago

    Love the Iffe Geo Print Pant with the Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve top! Great outfit!!!

  12. Tracie 2 years ago

    LOVE all of these looks!!!!! I WANT!

  13. Addie Turner 2 years ago

    I love the print pants and the white blouse and the striped shirt and patterned shorts. Wish you had the shoes for these outfits too!

  14. tara 2 years ago

    I love the white blouse and pant outfit!

  15. Carla 2 years ago

    I love turquoise with that ikat print! I have a fix in the works and would be delighted to see these tops and patterned pants in my fix. The necklace is super cute too.

  16. kristi 2 years ago

    Love the printed shorts looks. Where can a regular girl purchase those 🙂

  17. Danielle 2 years ago

    Love the pants! Would have never thought to try printed shorts before. I have a fix due on May31. 😉

  18. Karen 2 years ago

    I like the Bowie Dolman Sleeve Top and Ikat print pants. How can I ensure they get into my next StitchFix or can I just order them separately?

  19. Julie Ottosen 2 years ago

    I SO want these pants and the necklace in my next fix!! I put a note on my style profile.

  20. Marcie Gritmon 2 years ago

    I like the Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top and the Sherrie Pocket Front Mixed Material Blouse.

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