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The Summer Scarf Styling Guide

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8 thoughts on “The Summer Scarf Styling Guide”

  1. Hua Fu 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Linda 2 years ago

    Italians wear scarves all year long.

  3. Karen Livingston Fitch 2 years ago

    Scarves are great to keep the A/C off your neck in the office.

  4. Summer 2 years ago

    Perfect for us in Alaska! I have a dozen scarves and never know what to do with them. Thx for the ideas!

  5. Regina 2 years ago

    Wo..I never thought you could wear scarves in the summer…not sure how it would look wearing here in Hawaii except as a sarong 😛

  6. Sam 2 years ago

    These ideas are ok, but it might have helped to see the scarves with a summer outfit. The jeans and sweater are just way too warm for those of us in the South (where temperatures are already 80+). Also, the first and last scarves suggested look way to heavy to be considered a nice, light, summer scarf.

    1. Stacy L. 2 years ago

      I agree! It’s supposed to be 92 here in Dallas next week…sweater weather is over!

  7. Sally 2 years ago

    I want that sweater / top!!!!

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