Fix of the Week: A Trip To Hawaii

FOTW Brainstorm

Note to Stylist

I am headed to Hawaii so I would love some warm weather pieces for my first Fix. 65-80 degree weather.

Stylist Note

Hi Jessica! I am so excited to be styling your Fix today! I picked out a great dress and skirt for your trip that you can wear during the day or for a fun night out. The necklace is great because you can wear it with anything and the two tops can be dressed up or down with jeans and leggings or tucked into the maxi skirt in this Fix! I hope you have a wonderful time trying everything on. Please be sure to let me know what you think! Enjoy :-)

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  1. No love from me. I asked for something for my trip to Puerto Rico. I was sent a cardigan and a knit top! Really? For Puerto Rico? This is a great big FAIL!

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