Fix of The Week: Focus on Business Casual

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Note to Stylist

I work in an environment that allows for fairly casual style, but sometimes I need to dress it up a bit more–I would love to focus on some pieces that are flexible in this way. Thanks!

Stylist Note

Hi!¬†Welcome to Stitch Fix! I chose the Harriet Dress for its fun mix of textures that will look super cute with the Penny Wrap Bracelet and a pair of leather booties. The Ivy Blouse is a great print that will look fabulous with the skinny jeans and a pair of colored flats. The Hydie Blouse is super chic and will look great for work or play with the jeans and bracelet as well! I can’t wait to hear your feedback on your Fix!¬†xo, Jenny


  1. These are great, but I would love to see some of these withbudgets on the higher end of what you offer. Seeing some flexibility in labels as well as style would be wonderful. Would love to see an Edgy/Glam fix as well!

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