Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

To our Stitch Fix clients, 

Valentine’s Day is a special day for me and the Stitch Fix family, not only because of the sweets (do they make heart-shaped Swedish fish yet?), but because it’s our birthday! It’s only fitting that I take this moment to write my own Valentine’s Day note to all of you, who have provided the support, feedback, and inspiration that has enabled Stitch Fix to grow, one Fix at a time, from a dream into a company that we are so proud to be part of today.

Three years ago Stitch Fix was a mere idea, but with faith and commitment from our very first investor, we were able to begin styling our very first clients right out of my apartment at 41 Hawthorne Street in Cambridge, MA. A year later, we had relocated to San Francisco and were shipping all of our Fixes out of an office only slightly larger than a racquetball court. Today, we have three official Stitch Fix locations, have welcomed hundreds of talented people into the Stitch Fix family, and proudly style clients in every state of the union.

While many things have changed, I am thankful for the many things that have stayed the same. There is no greater inspiration than knowing that we have eager, excited clients on the other end of every Fix we style. There is no greater motivation than all of the feedback, good and bad, that we receive from you everyday. The connection we have with you is what drives us to serve you better with every Fix.

There aren’t enough candy hearts in the world to express the gratitude that the Stitch Fix team and I feel for all of the love and support from our family, friends and most of all, you, as we’ve been on this journey. We feel so fortunate to share this day with you and thank you for what you have helped us to become.


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Katrina Lake
Stitch Fix Founder + CEO


  1. Thanks StitchFix! I love what you guys do, I love that it’s ACTUAL personal attention and styling, and you help me find pieces I love that I can’t get from my hometown, which isn’t exactly know for fashion. XOXO

  2. I’m so happy Stitch Fix exists! I’ve only gotten one box so far, but I think the idea is so incredibly fantastic and I eagerly await my next. Thank you so much for all you do (you and your whole team) and kudos for embarking on such an amazing business adventure! I wish you all the success in the world!

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