Ask A Stylist: Are High-Waisted Jeans Making A Comeback?

Q: I recently saw high-waisted jeans on a trendy website. I grew up in the 80′s and remember how uncomfortable those jeans were! You couldn’t eat a thing without having to undo the button on your jeans. Now, I realize super-low rise jeans are not for everyone and people should dress to suit their body-type, but there has to be a happy medium. Please tell me that those ridiculously high-waisted jeans are not making a come-back! My stomach hurts just thinking about it. – Adrian
High rise denim
A: Hi Adrian!

While high-waisted jeans are certainly a trend we are starting to see a little bit more of, feel free to stick to what fits and feels best! One of the benefits of high-waisted jeans is they may help reduce the appearance of any bulging at the waist band because they sit higher on the torso than low-rise jeans. Today’s denim has a lot more stretch, which will make your high-waisted jeans much more comfortable than they were back in the 80′s–just make sure to look for pieces that have at least 2% spandex.

If you want to experiment with the idea of a high-waisted jean, look for something that is more mid-rise so that you know they will stay timeless. Play with different styling techniques such as a messy tuck or cuffing to create a look all your own that enhances the style of the jeans.

Remember, denim is very personal and highly individualized; not only should you feel amazing in your jeans, but you should never have to second guess your comfort.


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  1. Love High rise jeans!
    One of sucky thing about trends is that -if you have a specific type of jeans that fit your body, you can’t find them cause they are no longer in style.
    For example I love High/ medium waist pants because I’m more pear shaped-bottom heavy. I also can’t do skinny leg- low rise jeans other wise I’d ruin my shape- getting muffin top and inadvertently mooning strangers

    One reason your pants may hurt is because the sizing or fit is off. Sizes are tricky things and trying a couple of different Brands is key to finding the right fit

  2. I’m actually thrilled that high waisted jeans are back. I’m so tired of seeing my tummy bulge underneath my shirts or always having to yank my pants up. Low waisted jeans only look good on people that have very flat abs. I happy that I can finally tuck my tummy back under my pants where it belongs!

  3. If I ever want advice from the SNL on style, I’ll know my life is over. I have never watched SNL, and couldn’t care less what they think. I am not a mom, and my mom wears a low rise. I however, wear a flattering high rise. I can see how higher rise might be bad for ladies with big stomachs, because the low rise means you can just let it all hang out, but the new, stretchier jeans are very comfortable, and in any case, I don’t eat so much that I have to resize my pants. Low rise trend is over.

  4. I prefer to wear medium rise jeans; these jeans are fit on my waist and very comfortable. High- waisted jeans are look very off ward. I am agreeing with Kim. For example as say Kim “Sizes are tricky things and trying a couple of different Brands is key to finding the right fit”

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