How to Wear Colored Denim: Color-Blocking

This week we’ll be showing you how to style the burgundies, olives, and emeralds of fall’s colored denim! Learn different ways to work colored denim into your wardrobe as we explore how to pair with colors, neutrals and patterns.

Fall Colored Denim 2

Get The Look: Color-blocking

Try playing off your colored denim through color-blocking, a styling technique that literally means combining blocks of solid color. Take your favorite pair of colored denim, pair with a solid top and accessorize with complementary colors.

We used a palette of primary colors (red, yellow and blue) to create the principal outfit and added accessories in gold and orange for a surprise pop! For a more subdued look, try pairing a top in a muted tone with your denim.


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    • Hi Allison! Glad you like them! They are by Kensie, but we also have a similar color by the brand Just Black, which has a little bit longer inseam! XOXO

      • Hi, I have a pair of mint green/blue jeans that I don’t know how to match with~ The color is like the Stitch Fix logo, maybe a bit lighter. any suggestion on what color I should match it with? Thanks!

        • Hi Adrian! A great question! For mint colored denim, they look amazing paired with any neutral color. If you like color, try warm tones like reds, oranges and yellows. Patterns are also a great option! A black and white striped top would look adorable with a red belt. Hope this helps!! XOXO

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