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8 Tips for Using Your Style Cards

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23 thoughts on “8 Tips for Using Your Style Cards”

  1. Alyssa 2 years ago

    Fantastic article from a detailed lady. Would also work for any styled pieces in magazines or found online. Allison – you are definitely detailed and organized. Thanks for sharing yor methods!

  2. Tayna 2 years ago

    Wonderful ideas to best utilize your styling cards! I absolutely love the tops that she was pictured in. I hope in my next fix I will receive some tops from my wonderful Stylist, Angela.

  3. Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures 2 years ago

    What wonderful tips! Since I am new to Stitch Fix, these suggestions will be a big help! Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Colleen WALLIN 2 years ago

    What a great sense for style!! Very talented! I have followed Allison on IG and her ideas have been helpful in guiding me to be more adventurous with style and colors! Love the blog! And love little Miss KC.

  5. Deanna 2 years ago

    I have found pictures of most style cards on Pinterest. I put my “stitch fix keeps” on a separate pinterest page so that I can refer to them without having to keep track of paper copies.

  6. Amy 2 years ago

    Agree with Jacquelyn! That would be a fabulous feature!

    1. Alli 2 years ago

      I totally agree. I was thinking that an app would be great too as I was writing about my own organizing method and trying to make it relatable to everyone with different mobile devices.

  7. Jacquelyn 2 years ago

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if stitch fix had an app where we could look up our style cards so that we don’t have to do all of this documentation on our own? I mean, they’re sending us the cards and tracking all the stuff anyway, why not throw it into an app for us to reference on the go like you suggest! An added benefit of membership and even more of a reason to keep coming back to Stitch Fix!

    1. Stitch Fix 2 years ago

      Hi Jacquelyn!
      That’s a great suggestion! Thanks!! XOXO

    2. Alli 2 years ago

      Jacquelyn, You seriously beat me to suggesting that idea to Stitch Fix. I was totally going to tell them the same thing as it came to me when I was writing this blog post. You rock!

  8. renee 2 years ago

    OBSESSED with that tank!! Can you pretty please tell me who makes it??

    1. Alli 2 years ago

      The brand is C. Luce. I love how versatile it is for work or play!

    2. renee 2 years ago

      Thank you!! My next fix is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I am loving that and don’t want to wait. Thanks so much!!!

  9. Brynna Donn 2 years ago

    Great Ideas. I’m inspired to work on this this weekend!

    1. Alli 2 years ago

      Please share how you organized your style cards with us on Instagram or our blog too! Would love to see!

  10. JoulesDellinger 2 years ago

    Such great ideas. I follow Allison on instagram and always LOVE her outfit pictures!

    – Joules from Pocketful of Joules

    1. Alli 2 years ago

      Aw, thanks Joules!

  11. Alli 2 years ago

    Thanks for this opportunity to share my ideas. Stitch Fix and their entire team are amazing!

  12. lmb 2 years ago

    I always take a photo of an outfit if I feel it is really cute on me. That way I can remember it at 7am when Im struggling to get out the door. Great idea of using the style cards!!! I just added the card for my last fix to my phone. 🙂

    1. Alli 2 years ago

      Great idea! Since I take daily outfit pictures on Instagram, I’m always referring back to them when I’m struggling to get out the door and need a quick outfit too! You could totally make a Stitch Fix album on your phone for easy access to just your style cards.

  13. Kendar 2 years ago

    Thanks for the great tips! FYI, I believe her Instagram is @lifeasallison, not @lifeasallion. 🙂

    1. Alli 2 years ago

      Thanks Kendar!

  14. Ashley G 2 years ago

    Great ideas!!!!

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