“How Can I Make a Request?”

One question we are frequently asked is if you can request specific items for your next Fix. The simple answer is: kind of.

Let us explain.

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, we take a lot of information about you including your size, geographic location, budget, and style preferences. Your stylist then uses all this information to pick the perfect pieces just for you and your unique needs based on what we currently have in our inventory.

When you request specific items, sometimes we already know that a certain piece may be too loose for your smaller frame, too narrow for your larger bust or too short for your long legs. With these considerations in mind, instead of sending you a piece that isn’t likely to work for you, we focus on choosing pieces that will have a better chance of fitting not only your body, but also your budget, tastes and lifestyle.

If you do see something you like, rather than tell us that you like a specific item, let us know why you like it! Is it the color? The shape? The pattern? Its asymmetrical zipper? The more we understand why you like certain items, the better your stylist will be able to find you something similar that will be the best fit just for you!

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  1. I do too. I had an item i LOVE come damaged last month… and I didn’t keep it, because the stitching was already ripped out and I just couldn’t rationalize spending the money on something I didn’t even wear for the tear. I hope hope hope that in terms of requests, at least my request to have that pair of jeans come again… it was too great to miss! In retrospect, I’m even wishing I’d kept the jeans and just fixed them myself. *sob sob*

  2. Is there any way to leave more notes / requests than the Fix Request Notes?? I tried to leave as much information as I could but the request form is so short that I found I couldn’t get everything out. The same goes for the form to send stuff back. I try to be detailed so the comment isn’t just “I didn’t like the color”.

    • Hi Emily! Feel free to update your Style Profile! You should have more space there! Detailed feedback is ALWAYS super helpful for us so we want to be sure that we can be able to provide that space to you. Let us know at hello@stitchfix.com if that still is an issue. XOXO

  3. Am I able to request basic pieces, such as a white button down blouse? Just wondering. :) I’m a busy mom who really needs one. I’m just so petite and haven’t the time to do the shopping required. I’m in serious need of wardrobe basics.

  4. Yeah, it is hard to leave enough feedback. I always run out of characters before I get it all out. Any way we can make the notes spaces larger? Or add a few more to the style profile in places that don’t have them already? Most of your questions would be improved with a bit a room to comment on the choices already selected. Thanks for considering these improvements

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