On The Road: Stitch Fix CEO’s Southwest Adventure

Stitch Fix Founder + CEO Katrina Lake got her fix of wanderlust this month with a road trip through the American Southwest. Her fantastic, four-wheeled voyage took her through Utah, Colorado and New Mexico allowing her to explore the deserts, canyons and mountains along the route.

From the vistas of Taos to the valleys of Moab, this adventurous itinerary required an equally inspired wardrobe. Here’s a sneak peek of Katrina’s trip and how you can re-create her looks in Stitch Fix style!

Hiking Gear

Kat road trip 1

Shorts and a basic tee are all you need for a daytime romp in the mountains. We love these medium-length cargo shorts by Kut from the Kloth with functional cargo pockets in the front. For the t-shirt, choose a simple breathable cotton to keep you cool.

Layers Needed

Kat Road Trip 2

The desert gets cold at night, sometimes dropping as much as 40 degrees, so packing layers is a necessity!  Be sure to choose pieces without a lot of bulk like this hooded canvas jacket to free up space in your luggage.  A pair of lightweight denim with a lot of stretch and a patterned jersey top are versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match with other items.

An All-in-One Outfit

Kat's Road Trip 3

For an effortlessly polished daytime look, be sure to pack a dress. We love this chambray shirt dress, which offers a simple way to have a fully styled outfit without having to bring along several pieces. For chillier climates or at night, try pairing your shirt dress with leggings or a jacket for a versatile look!

A note on footwear…

Carefully choosing a single pair of shoes that you can wear for everything from driving to dining is a great way to keep your suitcase light and your wardrobe minimal! Katrina loves her Cobra Society boots (pictured above) and we suggest anything that is versatile, comfortable and suits your own personal style.

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