One Dress, Three Weddings

Just because you have multiple weddings to attend this season doesn’t mean you have to buy a new outfit for each occasion. With some creative restyling, you can repurpose the same dress for a variety of different dress codes, saving you money while creating several unique looks. Here’s how we styled a little black dress for three different weddings!
Title Black Tie
For a black tie wedding, keep your outfit elegant, refined and simple. Let your LBD stand on its own and choose classic silhouettes for your shoes and clutch. To keep your look wedding-festive, try a piece of statement jewelry in a season-appropriate pop of color!
1 dress 3 ways, wedding (Black Tie)
Dress: Vala Cut Out Detail Fitted Dress ($138)
Necklace: Christy Layered Bauble Bib Necklace ($38)
Bag: Providence Color Blocked Tassel Clutch ($58)
Shoe: Zara Combined Sandal With Stiletto Heel ($50)

Church Title
If you’re attending a more conservative ceremony, make sure to cover your shoulders with a classic shawl. Change up the look of the dress by also adding a complementary waist belt. Focus on accessories in a neutral color palette and a single pop of color in your accessories.

1 dress 3 ways, wedding. Church Look

Dress: Vala Cut Out Detail Fitted Dress ($138)
Earrings: Cece Mini Stone Chandelier Earrings ($42)
Belt: Charles & Keith Classic Belt ($23)
Shawl: Echo Bamboo Ruana shawl ($60)
Shoe: Zara Leather High Heel Sandal ($80)

Garden Header
For a more casual wedding, find accessories to dress down your foundational piece. We love using items with braided leather details and complementary colors to create a more playful and less formal vibe.
1 dress 3 ways, wedding (garden)
Dress: Vala Cut Out Detail Fitted Dress ($138)
Bracelet: Shelby Cuff with Diamond Cut Outs ($38)
Bag: Josie Tassel Clutch ($48)
Belt: Obi Belt ($25)
Shoe: Zara High Heel Peep Toe ($36)


  1. OMG this is exactly what I needed! Although that black dress isn’t the exact one I have, I needed to style it for an up coming evening event for my husband’s work. This is perfect- all of them work!

  2. Yes, this is the summer of never ending weddings! So appreciate your help and creative ways to be a frugal shopper.

  3. I love these ideas!! I have 2 weddings this summer and I def need some help!! Thx soo much!! I wish I can have the church and black tie in my next box!! Shoes and accessories included!! It would soo much easier!! :) lol

    • Right, I thought that was a cardinal rule of wedding attire. I get that not everyone knows, but I’d expect a “personal stylist” to have an idea of wedding attire rules!

    • I agree. Isn’t wearing a black dress to a wedding akin to wearing a red one to a funeral?

  4. I love the idea of wearing a black dress to a more formal wedding. I have never done it, but I had never thought of adding a scarf, colorful necklace, or a colorful belt. I love it!

  5. Everybody should have a little black dress like this. There is so much that you can do with it. Love all of these outfits

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