How to Pack Light For a Vacation!

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Photo Credit: Kitty Cotten

If you’re planning on thawing out from the polar vortex on a sunny beach, shed the weight of your winter clothes by packing light. Choosing pieces that can be styled multiple ways will help keep you carefree and focused on what’s important: relaxation and rejuvenation.

Versatile Vacation Wear

cover up styling
Dress: Prim Drawstring Dress ($98)
Scarf: Christine Ombre Scarf ($48)

During the day, use a bright, breathable dress as a poolside cover up on top of your swimwear. If you feel like taking a sunny stroll instead, style the same dress with a sun-protecting hat, wedges and a lightweight scarf for a pop of color.

Maxi styling
Blouse: Trace Split-Neck Blouse ($58)
Maxi: Alcea Geo Print Maxi Skirt ($128)
Earrings: Kayla Teardrop Earrings ($32)

For a beachy daytime look, pair your maxi with your swimsuit and an easy fitting top. For night, slide the waistband above your bust line to transform the skirt into a dress. Add definition by cinching a belt around your waist and finish your look with espadrille wedges and your favorite earrings.

If you need resort pieces for your winter and spring break trips, just let your stylist know in your notes for your stylist when you schedule your next Fix!

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  1. I just got that dress. Love, Love, Love it!!! Going to wear it with low/ankle boots and a denim jacket when we go to San Antonio later this month!!!

  2. I love the maxi as well- not sure how it would look on me, but would like to see something like that in my fix coming this month, as I will be taking a trip to Florida in March!

    • Hi Erica! We only ship pieces in full Fixes, but you can let your Stylist know that you loved this post by referencing it in your Notes to your Stylist when you schedule your next Fix. XOXO

    • Hi Peggy! The best way to let your Stylist know is to write it in Notes to your Stylist, but since you’ve already scheduled your Fix, you can update your Style Profile to say that you’re looking for a maxi skirt for your vacay! Just make sure to keep your Profile up to date! XOXO

  3. Talk about perfect timing…! I JUST booked an anniversary trip for my hubby and myself to the Caribbean! Packing light will be a goal. Great ideas and great pairings. May need to make a note in my fix scheduled for the end of the month.

  4. Please send me that Alcea Geo Print Maxi Skirt with my next shipment along with the Trace Split-Neck Blouse and belt!!! In love with it! We are going on a warm vacation and all these pieces would be GREAT!!!!

  5. I would LOVE that Alcea Geo Maxi, but can’t figure out how to request as my next fix is already scheduled so I can’t leave a note for my stylist. How can I request it?

  6. The Trace Split-Neck Blouse is perfect, my next Fix is already scheduled how can leave a note for my stylist? Also I just planned a cruise;help, I need resort wear in that shipment. Love the Vacation Wear suggestions, I can’t wait to see the selections in my first Fix.

  7. would love to have the Alcea Geo print maxi skirt and the bold geo print belted dress- Aska belted dress. How do send message to stylist? Phone number?
    Thank you..

    • Hi Cindi! You can let your Stylist know that you loved these pieces in your Notes to your Stylist when you schedule your next Fix. XOXO

  8. Don’t want maxis. Like color. Do not want heels higher than 3inches. Love color. How do I wear leggings at 60 yo. I’ve got great legs. Like shorter skirts because I’m short with good legs. Love the tops. Like timeless fashion with trendy pieces. Don’t want to look like a 60yr old trying to be 20 but 45-50 would be ok. Need some clothes to go to pebble beach in May &play golf, ride horses ,&party

  9. I pinned this to my board for my March Fix and it was ignored. I really wanted it for my vacation at the end of March. Does all stylists look at your pinterest boards, or just certain ones? I understand you’ve gotten busier, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of the personalized service you offer.

    • Hi Jenny! We definitely look at your Pinterest boards and do our best to get your the pieces you request. Depending on when your Fix is styles, some pieces may be out of inventory or not a great fit for your style preferences. Either way, your Stylist does indeed try to get you similar pieces that will be perfect just for YOU! Hope this makes sense! Enjoy your vacation!! XOXO

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