Stylist Challenge: Boho Block Party

Many of you have asked us to meet the stylists behind your Fixes and we’re thrilled to make those introductions!  However, we figured that instead of just showing you their faces we could show off their styling skills.

Each month we’ll be featuring three of our Stitch Fix stylists in a Stylist Challenge where we pick a specific destination or event and have each stylist create a fully styled outfit. This month we selected a Block Party, an All-American summertime event where families, friends and neighbors take a pause from the craziness of summer schedules to celebrate community. 

Starting things off, we have Alexandra who created a signature Boho block party outfit!  

Bohemian Outfit

{read on for the styling details}

In her words: 

THE JEANS: I started with a boot cut jean because I liked the relaxed silhouette and it’s universally the most flattering cut on all body types from  curvy to petite.  Plus, you can really dress up the dark wash denim.  

THE TOP: This silk top has a simple, flowing cut that is comfortable and flattering, especially for those who are more conscious of their midsections.  I chose this color because it picks up on the blue hues in the jeans while the silver embroidery adds a nice touch of bohemian style.  If you want more coverage on the arms, you can easily add a long sleeve draped sweater.

THE ACCESSORIES:  I love monochromatic and tonal styling, so I wanted to keep everything in the same color family.  The earrings have a silver leaf shape with turquoise dots that pick up on the same colors in the jeans and the top.  Again, picking up on the same tones I chose a blue star print scarf to add as an outer layer when the sun goes down.  You can wrap it around  your neck or use it as a shawl.  

Alexandra Styling outfit

THE OUTFIT: In general I think this look is effortless, breezy and carefree.  To me, that is the epitome of bohemian style.”

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s Stylist Challenge installment for the Romantic look by Miranda!


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