The Summer Scarf Styling Guide

A lightweight summer scarf is a fabulous way to add a finishing pop of color to a summer outfit without adding too much bulk and warmth in the summer months. Here’s three of our favorite ways to style the season’s scarves!

The Loose Wrap

Wrap your scarf around your neck once and secure with a loose single knot. Have fun playing with the placement of the final tie!


The Handkerchief

Fold a square scarf in half along the diagonal and center the fold along the front of your neck. Loop the ends around the back of your neck and secure beneath the front folds.


The Double Wrap

Simply loop an infinity scarf around your neck twice, but allow space between the two lengths of fabric.



  1. These ideas are ok, but it might have helped to see the scarves with a summer outfit. The jeans and sweater are just way too warm for those of us in the South (where temperatures are already 80+). Also, the first and last scarves suggested look way to heavy to be considered a nice, light, summer scarf.

    • I agree! It’s supposed to be 92 here in Dallas next week…sweater weather is over!

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