Spotlight on Style: Preppy

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9 thoughts on “Spotlight on Style: Preppy”

  1. Kate 2 years ago

    Can I request Angela as my stylist? Do I just do this on my feedback form?

    1. Stitch Fix 2 years ago

      You can request her when you Schedule a Fix or in your checkout.

  2. Lisa 2 years ago

    Love the preppy look!

  3. Delores Kay McDaniel 2 years ago

    Am not sure my measurements are correct?

  4. Kim 2 years ago

    I’m a preppy for sure!

  5. Alyssa 2 years ago

    I’m not preppy but I really appreciate these little breakdowns of style because they help figure out how to nail down the style if you want to. Great CONCISE tips for building the look!

  6. flaneurette 2 years ago


  7. jennifer castillo 2 years ago


  8. Jenny 2 years ago

    Flash of recognition – I’m a preppie! The tailored jackets, fit and flare dress/cardigan combo, ballet slippers, classic saddle leather bags, bright color combos, green as a neutral – yes, yes, yes! (But the nautical-themed anchor prints and boat shoes, not so much.) Still, I do add my own variations – clashing high-intensity colors, vintage earrings, cage heels, chunky rings, and Chanel-style chains. Thanks, StitchFix, for reaching out to our demographic. 🙂

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