VersaStyle: Open Front Cardigan

As the increasingly-popular cousin of the classic cardigan, open front cardigans are a universally flattering variation on the buttoned-up theme.  Their loose, draped silhouette allows these chic, layering pieces to be worn with many outfits.

With a bit of simple styling and creatively used accessories, open front cardis have the versatility to show off major personality and flair. Here are a few of our favorite ways to style an open front cardigan!

1. Belt It.


Use a belt to define and enhance your waistline. Have fun playing with belts of different thicknesses and colors to complement the color and style of your cardi!



2. Knot It.

Single front knot

Gather the loose ends of your cardi and tie in a simple knot–a great option for styling with a skirt or a dress!



3. Knot It. Twice!

versa style double knot

Instead of gathering the loose ends along your centerline, swoop your knot off to the side and tie in a relaxed double knot for an uber-chic finishing touch.



4. Pin It.

Pinned with Brooch

To add a bit of sparkle and shine to your outfit, pin your cardi closed with a brooch.

Have other styling ideas or want to try some of these?  Take your own Open Cardi style pic and tag us!


    • Hi Alicia! You can certainly describe the piece in your Fit Request Notes when you schedule your next Fix and our stylists will try their best to get you this piece or something very similar! XOXO

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