A note from our CEO on wait times



I wanted to personally address and explain the longer than average wait times right now. I am sincerely sorry that we are not ableto get you a Fix as soon as you’d probably like, and we are doing everything that we can to change that.


We’re very fortunate to be growing rapidly and to have so many clients who are telling their friends and family about the service.Our growth has outpaced what we dreamed of.  It’s incredibly important that when we send you a Fix, we’re excited about every 
piece and sincerely believe that you will love everything in it.  As much as we hate to ask, we feel strongly that we have to ask for your patience so that we can send you a Fix that is truly personalized for you and one that we are confident you’ll love.

Please know that we have reacted to this demand and worked hard to make sure that we have ample inventory in the spring. The good news is that we’re growing fast, our capabilities and our team are growing fast, and we’re more and more confident every day that we can get you pieces that you will love.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and continued support and look forward to making it worth the wait!

All the best, 

Katrina Lake
Founder & CEO, Stitch Fix


  1. Thanks for the update! Perhaps this sounds a bit against business practices but I would have liked to know about this 2 months ago, I would have requested a pre holiday fix early enough. Due to the wait time I did not request one and still have not. But may after the holidays.

  2. You can take your time with me. I’ve been boring for 55 years now – another few months won’t hurt anything, LOL! Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Ditto what Dana said!

      Plus, it’s more important to me that you get things RIGHT rather than get things fast…. Thrilled that your company is growing so rapidly and that you’re making smart decisions to ensure that’s a good thing and not a death knell.

      Quality over quickness for me!

  3. I’m very excited to get my first fix. but I understand completely. In fact it’s reassuring to know that your program is so popular. That’s a very good thing!

  4. I appreciate the honesty and transparency of posting this statement. You had set the expectation of when my first Fix would arrive (several weeks to wait). I just received my first shipment: it was worth the wait, it was a surprise that it came a few days early and I loved it!

  5. The wait was totally worth it for my first fix… I received items that I would’ve never picked for myself, and I loved them! I’ll be happily waiting for my next fix to arrive, even if it takes a little longer than anticipated.

  6. Will this affect those who have signed up for monthly fixes? My first 2 fixes were amazing, and I definitely want more, but I would rather wait a little longer instead of having the quality of my future fixes suffer! Congrats on the popularity of SF, I have referred many friends!

  7. Appreciate the candor. It is refreshing to have a business owner speak so candidly. Thank you for letting us know and I am happy the business is growing so rapidly!

  8. Man….I appreciate the honesty, But I’d scheduled my next fix specifically to arrive before a special event and the reassigned date is now too late to be useful. :(

  9. No problem! I have seen your choices with two of my friends and I absolutely think the service is well worth the wait!

  10. As a business owner myself, I complement you on your success, I know it is hard earned. Good luck in expanding you operations smoothly and I look forward to my first fix!

  11. It’s awesome to see a small business outgrow what they expected. hooray! happy for you and happy to wait. xoxo

  12. Thanks for the note! I don’t mind the add’l wait time but for those of us that travel for work, we would appreciate a 5 day approval period. I have had to reschedule fixes because I am called away on business (not always predictable) and then to have such a lengthy wait time for the reschedule is a bit frustrating. At this rate, I might be lucky to have 6 monthly fixes in a year.

    Since you have asked for our patience, could you consider doing the same for us road warriors ;-)))

    Thank you!

    • I want to second this. I travel too (also unpredictably) and it would be nice to have a longer approval period.

      My other request would be to enable an account/order history with ability to provide feedback for a Fix longer than it seems you do. As I received my first box just prior to going on a business trip, I wanted to return items to meet your 3 day turnaround. I managed to get the items back in time, but did not have time for thoughtful feedback, so held off thinking I’d do upon return. Since you’ve received the items I returned (which I know only because you sent a receipt for the one I kept; there was no acknowledgement of the ones I returned), all I can do is schedule another Fix. It doesn’t enable feedback, which, quite frankly stinks.

      Reviews and your site agree that Fixes improve with feedback. I don’t want to start from zero again, but looks like if I get another Fix – which I’m on the fence about – I have to. Might want to rethink that. Kinda weird that the feedback period is apparently cut off when returned items are received AND there’s no history of what I’ve been sent/kept/returned to boot.

    • Triple Ditto – please allow for –
      1) longer approval period (5 days – 1 week would be great!) before returning items;

      2) item history section in the profile that shows what you kept/returned so that you can see an inventory of your StitchFix wardrobe over time;

      3) longer periods to leave feedback and also more space in the feedback box – I keep using up the allotted # of characters when describing what I like/dislike about an item!

    • DITTO! Completely agree on the longer fix times. I live in an apartment building and they will not leave the package unless somebody is there to sign for it – unfortunately, I cannot always guarantee my husband or I will be home! The last two times, it has taken three days to get the package, and I was prompted to return items before I had even received them.

  13. Katrina , I myself am an entrepreneur and I am excited for you company’s growth . I am 70 years old and my son wanted to help me try this. He was disappointed when my delivery time was so long . But I told him , not to worry, you are probably overwhelmed with business! Great for you! So exciting to me to see a new business doing so well! I remember my young day, opening a new daycare business, with all my savings & a bank loan, over capacity the first day!!! And I had to worry about the well fair department coming! Don’t worry about my order, ill love it when it gets here!!!! :)

  14. Not a problem. I appreciate the communication regarding the longer time between fixes. I appreciate that you are determined to keep the quality of the fix where it is. I have enjoyed using Stitch Fix and I am looking forward to my next fix.

  15. I have not placed my first order yet but I am glad to see you step up and speak forth right about “growing pains” – I totally respect that! You got my attention and I look forward to doing business with your company. I also cant wait to tell friends and family. I am a project manager, if you ever want a sounding board for planning your East coast operations (Hint: sounds like it is time ) please let me know, I would be glad to help you. Good luck and keep growing!

  16. Thanks for the update, but I am frustrated. A friend bought me a gift certificate for Christmas and I can’t even order till the end of January. And I have no idea how this website works, nor do I know if I would even like the items the stylist picks out. And I really didn’t want to spend more than what she got for my gift certificate, but yet I have to enter in my credit card information?!? The idea seems cool, but this is already frustrating me to where I probably won’t even bother. :-(

    • Katie, I completely agree with you. It seems the average price for a fix is $325 according to how they describe it here ($65 per each item?!). It’s a very novel idea, this website. You only pay the $20 for the stylist to pick the clothes and then you don’t actually pay for anything until you decide what you’re gonna keep. Then you get your $20 back if you don’t keep anything. However, I don’t know if I personally could buy ONLY 5 things for a whopping $325. I’d LOVE to be able to afford that but I’m just not sure I could (or that it’s really that realistic)…… So, with that said I am also STILL contemplating my “first fix”. GOOD LUCK!

    • You get a decent discount if you buy all five items. I have never spent over $270 or so for all five. You can also specify when you sign up the range you’re willing to pay.

    • Courtney, my 2 fixes have been right under $200 for all 5 items. Granted I chose lower price ranges for all of my items. You do get a discount for keeping all 5 items as well as the $20 styling fee. I was skeptical of the prices too, at first. But I love my pieces and the personal notes from the stylist are so nice. I think it’s totally worth it.

    • Courtney… You actually don’t get the $20 back if you return everything. However, if you decide to keep something, then the $20 is applied to that item.

  17. Dear Katrina, If only all CEO’s would look to you as an example of how to handle customer concerns during a challenge. Your honesty and transparency should be lauded and has been I can see. You have made me a believer and accomplished what many much larger companies truly struggle with – you made the price irrelevant. Thank you for fostering a culture in your company that your clients can believe in. I look forward to your growth and I haven’t even received my first fix yet (scheduled for Jan 21st – very excited). Thank you!

  18. No No No Thank you! I’m very pleased with my selection and and truly excited for the growth of your company! I would like to grow along with it.

  19. My dear friend shared your services with me today…I am very curious & can’t wait for my first fix! Sounds like your company is off to a happy new year, that’s so awesome!

  20. Dear Katrina, No problem about the wait time. It is nice to see a company that will let their customers know what is going on and why they have to wait for their orders. Thank you for the service your company provides. Looking foward to getting my first fix! Thank you again.

  21. I agree with Heather & Missy! So fun, mine arrived one day early! I was so looking forward to it and it really helped me push outside my normal fashion rut & boredom!
    Thanks again! Worth the wait!! Telling all my friends about it & posting to Facebook! :)

  22. “Babywe can do it
    Take your time
    Do it right
    We can do it baby
    Do it tonight”(or as soon as you get to it). NO worried.

  23. Would have liked to be informed while I was waiting on my order. It was a long time to wait on my first order, and nothing fit when it finally arrived. Disappointed, I was really excited to try this out. Giving one more try though, loved the styles. Will not order again if that one doesn’t go so well.

  24. Thank you for the communications…that makes a world of difference in satisfaction (or frustration) from your clients, and future clients. Congratulations on your growth! Looking forward to getting my first shipment!

  25. Ditto on all of the thanks for the honesty. As a product manager at an early stage company myself, I fully understand the challenges of projecting scale – and as frustrating as I’m sure some of this has been, what a happy problem! I just received my first fix and can see why you have so many happy users. I’m more than happy to wait a little longer for a quality, thoughtful box than to think that you’re compromising what seems to make the business so special, and hope that you’re able to scale to your demand so you can accomplish that for everyone who wants to be a part of it. Best of luck with the continued growth, and you have a loyal customer in me even if I have to wait a bit longer (after all, I rarely take the time to shop myself, so a box means a wardrobe refresher that likely wouldn’t have happened whenever it happens to come)!

  26. Not a worry at all! In fact it keeps me from spending too much money :-)! There is something to be said about quality over a quick fix. (haha get it??) I commend you on being transparent in communicating with your clients. Rest assured that you have gained a loyal customer by being honest and having a commitment to quality.


  27. Thanks for the feedback however I have a few comments to share with you (hopefully someone in charge of management decisions will read this).

    I’d too like to know about the long waiting times early to plan my holiday fix in time (e.g. by email or via an announcement on the social media where I’m your follower).

    Another concern I had looking at my newly arrived fix was that it seemed that you have run out of the “fun” items and your inventory consists only of returns and basics. I got two very similar blouses, and no accessories, on top of very basic cardigan and jeans. This was my second fix and I guess I was expecting more given my feedback from the first time, my newly created pinterest board which I carefully curated waiting for my fix, and my notes to the stylist. I kept a couple of items but can’t say I was a bit let down…

    Thanks for your consideration.

  28. Take your time! I’m happy things are growing so rapidly for your company, you provide a great/fun/exciting service as well as provide awesome customer service. Do whatever you need to do to keep that up!

  29. No worries! Glad things are moving along so well for your company. I love the work that you do and always look forward to my monthly treat. :)

  30. I’m still excited to get my fix even with the delay. Let me know if you need eyes on the ground in Europe. Will work for clothes! :)

  31. Happy for your company’s success. My daughter-in-law received one fix and was very pleased. The items were cute and most were just her style. I wanted to do a holiday order but wouldn’t have received it until mid January. I’ve done my profile, but haven’t ordered yet due to wait times. At this point I’ll continue to hold off on ordering until you catch up with your growth. Best of luck!

  32. I like & understand your reasoning. Your stylists do have alot of customers out there. I am a very satisfied one! Just please keep sending me goodies! :=)

  33. Hi Stitch Fix & Katrina,

    I love your service, and having just received my 3rd fix last night, I feel the need to re-post my original comment from December, which hasn’t yet been answered:

    “Will this affect those who have signed up for monthly fixes? My first 2 fixes were amazing, and I definitely want more, but I would rather wait a little longer instead of having the quality of my future fixes suffer! Congrats on the popularity of SF, I have referred many friends!”

    However, I do still want to know how this will affect those of us who are signed up for “monthly” fixes, since I had to wait almost 2 months for my monthly fix. Will it be another 2 months or longer until I can get my next monthly fix? If so, that’s OK, but I would like to know of any delays. Thanks! XOXO

    • Hi Britt! Thanks so much for the love and your wanting to share with your friends! If you have monthly Fixes, your wait time between Fixes will not be affected. This ‘wait’ only pertains to those who are in the process of scheduling a new Fix. Can’t wait til your next one! XOXO

    • Thanks for the quick reply! What if I need to reschedule a monthly fix (i.e. postpone for a few extra days) due to travel or work scheduling? It seems like attempting to reschedule a fix means going to the back of the line.

  34. Will you be selling stock anytime soon? This service is supremely innovative & in extremely high demand… Congratulations!!!!!

  35. Like the others have said, your candor is commendable. I learned about your service from a gal I work with….I can’t wait for my first fix! And many congrats on your success!

  36. I agree on heads up on wait time. Mine came while I was on vacation then had a 7 day 12 hr shift work week. Hard to do the 3 day turn around on returns and now there is a wait due to the inclement weather on the east coast

  37. No wait time here! Even in there were a short wait, who cares? It’s soooo worth it!! Congratulations, Stitch Fix! You go, girls!!!

  38. Congratulations on the success of Stitch Fix!! I am enjoying receiving my fixes and I love the personalized service. Best of luck on your future growth!! Your company is amazing!

  39. I placed a fix and was told that they could not help me, That my profile had no style…. Really!!!!!! Thats why I came to this website…

  40. Do you need help? Where are you based? Are you in need of more employees? I’m sooooo looking forward to this new adventure!!

  41. I believe one factor in your expenetial growth may have been Candace Cameron Bure posting this on her blog. When a celebrity voluntarily recommends a product or service there is usually great feedback. I know that is how I found out about the company! Thank you for working hard to remedy wait time and know that most of us are understanding. Congratulations on the growth of your business!

  42. I’m fine with the wait times – and have to say that my last Fix (3rd I’d received) was spot on! I actually kept all 5 items. Only suggestion would be for there to be a way to provide feedback on the items after wearing, not just when you enter to return (or keep) the items. (So a longer time for provide feedback – not just in those initial 3 days.)This would help the stylists know more about our tastes and fit for next time. Sometimes you don’t truly know about something until after wearing.

  43. I think you guys are going to be even more successful in the future! I don’t mind waiting for quality. I started my own business 2 years ago and heard about you guys through mom’s playgroups that I work with. I’ve been telling mom’s all about you. I really think that is your biggest market because none of them have time to go out shopping. Continued success to you!

    • Hi Ruth! That depends on your style preferences! When you schedule your shipment you will see all available dates. XOXO

  44. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Your company is worth the wait. Keep up the wonderful work and congratulations on your continued success! There is something real and personal about your company, even though you are only on line. I sincerely appreciate that and wish you all the best!

  45. I’m so excited. Just got my stuff from stylist Christine. Ice storm delayed it. I’m wondering how you would apply for a job at StitchFix. A friend of mine is moving to SF, California and she would be great there!

  46. I never received my shipping information for my fix but the checkout page is active in my account! The shipment is one day late as of now but I have tried to get in contact (at least to get my tracking info) and have heard nothing! Please please please get back to me, I will be quite annoyed if I’m charged for the 5 items I haven’t received yet.

  47. I just cancelled my next fix because I was charged the styling fee even after purchasing all the items in my shipment. Your stylist did a great job but your customer service is terrible. I phoned and emailed about the double billing. I was told that my call would not be taken, email only, then emails ignored. If that is your strategy of showing how you value and “love” your customers you are truly mistaken. I suggest you contact Nordstrom and just about any other online clothing retailer I have ordered from in order to learn how to treat your clients with respect and kindness. I regret dealing with your company and doubly regret the friends I recruited to try you out.

  48. After learning about the indefinite wait time, I will not be able to schedule an order right now. Will try again later on!

  49. A 7 week wait time (March 5-April 22) is ridiculous. There is nothing I would buy on the internet and be willing to wait 7 weeks to receive it. I was already on the edge after a mediocre shipment and now you’ve lost a customer.

    • I completely agree. I logged in today and was told a May 6th date was the earliest available. I find that completely unreasonable. I also have told many friends about stich fix and now I might be telling them to look elsewhere. 2 months is a long time!

  50. I returned some items and ordered new the week of February 13 and, made comments on what I would like. I get this email today asiking me to schedule a fix. So I am confused. I definitely want to try again . From the comments above, seems like you are having some problems. Do you not have my comments and request for a fix I? donot know what to think? Initially my daughter gave me a gift certificate for $100.00 as she has been so happy with stitch fix, I was pmanning to give my daughter -in-law a gift certificate to stitch fix. Now not sure what to If you do not have request, I guess I have to start all ovwr again? Please let me. know. Hopefully you do have my information.

    susan Heckman

  51. I totally think it’s worth the wait. Sometimes a little patience equals big rewards… and I’ve loved my StitchFix boxes so far!! Keep up the great work and congratulations on your success!

  52. I received an email staying I have $25 credit for referring friends, yet my account says I have $5— help. Just sending back all five items, not happy after my first fix. I will try one more time.

    • Hi Angie!! The $20 was deducted as your styling fee and will be credited towards anything you decide to keep from the box. Please make sure to leave lots of feedback when you check out so we know how to get your Fix back on track next time!! XOXO

  53. Is it really true that your soonest date is May 6th? 8 weeks seems incredibly lengthy. I am willing to wait, however this is a long time and I would question recommending stich fix to my current friends. Is there a way to be notified if an earlier date become available. I agree with an earlier poster who said she would never wait 7 weeks for an item purchased online. It seems like a bad business practice. Although I am happy you are expanding, maybe a little for site would have been in order. I think you may lose clients with an 8 week wait time.

    Please let me know if there is a way to get an earlier date.

  54. I have received two fixes and after sending half of the first one back with comments, I am happy to report I am keeping all of my second fix. So feedback does seem to work! I do agree with those who travel and have asked for a longer turn-around period. I don’t travel (except all over the county daily), and I can’t always turn everything around and leave feedback within 3 days. Please consider extending the time period. I’m ordering at 3-month intervals and it’s perfect for me. I have not had to wait longer than anticipated. So I am a happy customer so far….if I could only have a longer turnaround time!

  55. You provide a wonderful service. I will be patient. Glad you are doing so well with your business. I love it! Now I feel like a star…having my own personal stylist!! :-)

  56. I accidently went in and scheduled my fix for a later date when I thought I was scheduling for an earlier time. Is there anyway to put it back to where it should be?

  57. I don’t mind waiting – I didn’t read the entire string so don’t know if anyone else suggested this – but perhaps in your emails that you regularly send out you could provide the “Current Fix Wait Time”.

  58. Same here. I was thinking I’d like to try it but I cannot order with a wait time of close to 6 1/2 weeks.
    I’ll try again some other time to see if the wait time is less.

  59. I don’t mind waiting..but do want to know how to reach someone that can tell me how to return an item that has a pretty large “flaw” in the front of the garment (sweater)..Didn’t notice until I was headed out the door and saw myself in a full length mirror. Please contact me !
    thank you,

  60. I have only had one stitchfix and went to schedule another one and was a little dissapointed to find out I have to wait till May. I was hoping to be able to take some items with me on vacation at the end of March but understand.

    • Hi Brianna,
      We are so sorry for the long wait times. With the high demand, we are trying to accommodate all the new and existing clients, which has unfortunately created a little bit of a wait. We are working on it though and can’t thank you enough for your patience. Enjoy your trip at the end of March and we look forward to styling an amazing Fix for you in May. Xo

  61. Please let me know how I can help!! I am currently a personal shopper for clients within my job, but when I heard about your site I HAD TO CHECK IT OUT!! I love it and my only problem with the wait time is….how many fixes will I have in shopping malls and stores before my box arrives!! Probably enough to help you out!! Please let me know if your plan to franchise or need help- I LOVE IT!! Thank you for the inspiration. CecilyMoreland@hotmail… I am here to help shoppers shop :)

  62. Thank you for your email; however, my experience has been nothing but prompt and professional. Because of the service, I am scheduling another “fix” !

  63. I was psyched to try this service but a 7 week wait time is just ridiculous. Good practice is ensuring you have supply to meet the demand. I get that you were surprised by the success of your service, but now you’re losing potential clients because you didn’t prepare, react, etc.

    • I agree. I ended up going to Nordstrom and using their free styling service to meet my need. I will still get fixes but I don’t want to wait 2 months to continue to update my clothes after two kids in two years!

  64. (If you were having issues with wait times in December, it’s now March- that is too long to wait for the issue to be resolved).

  65. So sad – I was hoping to schedule my fix for right before we go on our European cruise, but the soonest I can get one is the day after we get back! Totally understand why, but I can’t help but be a teeny bit sad after seeing my friend’s awesome fix from last month! :)

  66. For clients who are in need of a rush order, perhaps charge them an expedite fee, I certainly would pay the extra! I can’t express how much I appreciate your company and the time you all provide in making my wardrobe come alive again. Thanks so much for putting the fun back into shopping! Big fan!

  67. You all may want to re-think the birthday e-blasts…I got one for today and thought, yes that’s a great idea! Only to come on to the site and see that the closets date available to my birthday is 2 weeks after my birthday. Very disappointing.

    • Hi Kelli! Thanks for checking in about this! We totally understand and just made that change! Hope you have a great birthday and we can’t wait to style you in the future!! XOXO

  68. Just an idea Have you thought about quarterly fixes, or every other month fixes Monthly is too much for me and scheduling when you want and hitting the long lead times becomes another issue

  69. I just got my first Fix and it was worth every second of the wait. So happy for your and your company’s growth! It’s nice to know you guys are willing to keep up the quality instead of just trying to keep up with the demand. Good luck!

  70. :( I am Happy for your company but bummed. I look forward every month to getting my “FIX”. My anticipation will be building to an all time high. Love Stitch Fix!!!

  71. I just joined, (March 28), and am disappointed that I have to wait 2 months for the first “fix”…hope you can increase your staff and satisfy the eager. I think the idea for your company is creative and great!

  72. No problem. I’ve waiting THIS long without help with styling:)
    I can dress anyone but myself- lol!
    Happy to support a growing business like this one!

  73. My first Stitch Fix was due on April 2nd so I was surprised and excited when it shipped early and arrived today! Thank you!

  74. LOVED my first fix, bought everything, and just scheduled my second fix. A little disappointed to have to wait until June (!!), but at least it’ll be a nice summertime treat when it does come! Congratulations on your success and hoping that the company will be able to grow quickly and accommodate all your new and existing customers!! If you’re able to fulfill orders sooner, would love to receive some sort of notification to move my shipment date up.

  75. I really don’t understand what takes so long! If someone gives you a date they need something I would hope you would put that ahead of a monthly fix. Sounds like you need to hire more people. Are your people over worked and under paid like most establishments? How long have you been having this problem? I wish I could help! do you need an office in Pittsburgh? Would love to help. This is a great idea but I don’t know how long you can continue at such a slow pace!

  76. Hi guys!! I’m so glad I’ve got monthly fixes scheduled – I’d be sad to have to wait so long. May I take this forum however to share a couple thoughts? I’ve had three different fixes and three different stylists…is that normal or should you just have one stylist? I was under the impression that a person gets ONE and they get to know your style, etc. over time. In the reviews, it seems like people have just one but it’s definitely not been my experience. In my comments last time, I requested to stick with one person… I hope that can work (it seems like that would be best for everyone!). The only other thing I find frustrating is that the space to write your comments after the fix is so dang small. It’s hard to describe what’s right and what’s wrong with items in such a small space. It takes me forever to edit and re-edit my comments to make them fit and say what I want them to say! Nonetheless I’m still a devoted fan! Congrats on all your success! I hope you can hire some more people!

    • I’d like to second Jenny’s suggestion that you increase the space in the comments box on the checkout form. I had a lot to say and the space available wasn’t enough without weird abbreviations. (This was my first fix and while not everything in the box worked for me, it was only a slight matter of fit: the styles and patterns and colors were all great. My stylist hit the ball out of the park on a couple items which I had not expected to like, but could not resist adding to my closet. She sent the *perfect* dress for my 60th birthday party later this month! Despite my worries, this is not just a service for young mothers: it worked for me, too!) Signing up for monthly fixes appears to avoid the “7 weeks until the next available date” problem, if you can afford the $20 monthly. I’m hooked!

  77. I will most likely forget I even signed up by then (1.5 month wait – blame new mommy syndrome aka no sleep) but it will be such a nice surprise when I get it I’ll probably jump for joy in my office!

  78. It’s early April and I just signed up but the first delivery available is 07 June. That’s a two month wait. :( Unfortunately we are moving 01 June and won’t have a new address until the end of May (thanks to being on a military wait list for housing) so I can’t order my first box until we move.

    So guess I’ll get something in August.

  79. Just ordered my first Fix for June 16 delivery. My twin sister is anxious for me to try it out so we can buy together!! :)

  80. No problem! I am excited for this service. I will most likely forget about it, so it will be a nice surprise when I receive my fix. As a mom of two, I don’t get much time to shop for myself without interruption. Looking forward to my first fix. Thank you and best wishes on your new business.

  81. Oh my goodness, as a mom with two kids (3 and 20-months), I’ll sign up, tomorrow I’ll probably forget I signed up at all, and then suddenly, I’ll have new clothes to try on in the mail. It’ll be like Christmas in July… well, hopefully, not that long. :)

  82. Vanessa from Crafty Gemini referred you and I am very patient for my Fix. The upgrade is very much needed. I haven’t shopped for me in a very long time and I am in full excitement that I can get assistance and don’t have to leave home {^_^}…

  83. It was nice to hear from someone I’m still waiting to get some kinda of date to expect my first fit. but I do understand the wait hopefully
    not much longer.

  84. if the wait times are so long i wonder why they advertised on the today show. that’s only going to make the current situation worse. might have been better to wait until there was enough manpower to advertise…..

  85. Agreed on the piece on the Today Show. I scheduled a few weeks ago and won’t have a fix until June 2. I was hoping to do quarterly fixes. Now I’m worried that once I get my fix and can schedule again I will have to wait until December. Is there a way to schedule more than one fix at a time without going monthly? I’m a bit surprised too that the company can’t hire people given the number of people out of work.

  86. How exciting for the company! I too, was wondering if there could be an option to schedule more than one fix at a time without going monthly. My next fix is coming the beginning of May but also have a wedding coming up in the beginning of August and was hoping to get a fix specifically with dresses. I plan on ordering that fix right away but am hoping the wait won’t be too long!
    Wishing you the best in your success! Xoxo!

    • I saw above someone mentioning the idea of every other month subscriptions and I think that would be lovely!

  87. Waiting is okay with me. Just a suggestion… If a date opens up before my currently-scheduled fix, it would be great to get a heads up that there is an earlier date available in case I would like to grab that date. I gave my friend the link and turns out her fix date is sooner than mine, which I was bummed to hear. :-(

  88. I’m not having the same issue that many others seem to be with wait times. Perhaps it has to do with what I selected in my style profile, but I signed up only a few days ago and was able to schedule my first fix delivery for April 23! I was pleasantly surprised and am looking forward to my first fix!

  89. Can you give any insight into how the style profile affects the date of a Fix? I signed up a few weeks ago and will have to wait until June 2. Seems odd that a different style profile can schedule a date pretty quickly and others are waiting months.

  90. I’m in no hurry I want to read about your company and the average cost of a fix and what’s in it. I’ve just finished filling out my account. Also what stores or brands the things are. Thanks! This sounds awesome .Andi

  91. I am actively losing weight and getting in shape & was looking for some new pieces to get me through the transitional period. I’m afraid with the long wait times, my sizes and shapes will have changed, well, here’s hoping anyway. I’ll try again when I’m closer to my goal weight.

  92. Best thing since sliced bread 😉 Love your company! Thrilled for your success! Absolutely love getting my fixes! Not going anywhere anytime soon!

  93. Just a tip for anyone frustrated with the wait times – keep trying to “reschedule” your fix – I have done this a couple times and been able to push it forward by a couple weeeks or more. Seems hit or miss.

  94. I don’t mind waiting. Having dealt with two other companies that are closely mimicking your business model, but paying little attention to any profile or feedback info, it’s obvious to me that your way of tailoring fixes to individuals is the only way to go. Stock up on inventory because my second Stitch Fix video is coming very soon to spashionista.com!

  95. I like that you are growing but I have been a customer for about a year and not too happy about waiting. Have you thought about putting a cap on how many customers you take?
    My fix was auto scheduled for a time that I was going to be out of town. I couldn’t reschedule till over a month later? How come you can schedule me a fix for a certain date but I can’t move it back just a day when I’ll be back in town?
    Thanks for letting us all know what’s going on though. It does help ease the pain of waiting.

  96. I love this…and just got my first “FIX” but it was very close to what I wanted but not exactly….is there a way to get another shipment sooner or do I have to wait the 2 months? I just changed the frequency to 2-3 weeks because I’m pumped about this program….also—are shoes included in some shipments? THANKS!

  97. Please add more staff. The wait times are too long and I’m unlikely to be able to schedule a shipment until the fall because of it. I was really excited about this service, but without faster turnaround times, I’m looking to go elsewhere.

  98. I was just recommended this site from a friend (who loves it) since I have multiple occasions and travel much for work this summer, but was a little shocked to see the scheduled out date. If you schedule a fix for the first anticipated date, do you ever get it early? I have numerous bridal showers/work functions this summer, but the first date available is the end of June. (I will have already had most my showers by this time.) I am wondering if there is a space to note if you can get your fix early if possible. I would love for my date to be moved to the end of May; depending on the possibility. Thanks! Good luck with the growing business.

  99. Those of you waiting 2 months should be in my shoes! I scheduled in December and my first fix date is May 3rd! Even if I love everything, I don’t know if I will keep signing up if every fix takes 5 months.

  100. Bless your ‘ little entrepreneurial heart’ !!!! I cannot wait to hear from you! I surely do understand about the wait. Great quality is always worth the wait, my dears!

    • Hi there, someone from our customer service department will be reaching out to you shortly! Thank you for your patience!

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